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    Vail or Veil - Vows

    Vail or Veil

    A covering for the head usually worn by women Genesis 38:14; TTI .Vail or Veil.3

    The removing of, considered rude and insolent SongofSolomon 5:7; TTI .Vail or Veil.4

    Removing of, threatened as a punishment to ungodly women Isaiah 3:23; TTI .Vail or Veil.5

    Moses put one on to conceal the glory of his face Exodus 34:33; 2Corinthians 3:13; TTI .Vail or Veil.6

    Vail, The Sacred

    Moses commanded to make Exodus 26:31; TTI .Vail, The Sacred.3

    Made by Bezaleel for the tabernacle Exodus 36:35; TTI .Vail, The Sacred.4

    Suspended from four pillars of shittim wood overlaid with gold Exodus 26:32; TTI .Vail, The Sacred.5

    Hung between the holy and most holy place Exodus 26:33; Hebrews 9:3; TTI .Vail, The Sacred.6

    Designed to conceal the ark, mercy seat, and the symbol of the divine presence Exodus 40:3; TTI .Vail, The Sacred.7

    Made by Solomon for the temple 2Chronicles 3:14; TTI .Vail, The Sacred.8

    Was rent at the death of our Lord Matthew 27:51; Mark 15:38; Luke 23:45; TTI .Vail, The Sacred.9


    Tracts of land between mountains 1Samuel 17:3; TTI .Valleys.3

    Watered by mountain streams Psalm 104:8; TTI .Valleys.4

    Canaan abounded in Deuteronomy 11:11; TTI .Valleys.5

    Of Israel well tilled and fruitful 1Samuel 6:13; Psalm 65:13; TTI .Valleys.6

    Often the scenes of idolatrous rites Isaiah 57:5; TTI .Valleys.7

    The heathen supposed that certain deities presided over 1Kings 20:23; TTI .Valleys.8

    The Canaanites held possession of, against Judah Judges 1:19; TTI .Valleys.9

    Often the scenes of great contests Judges 5:15; 7:8,22; 1Samuel 17:19; TTI .Valleys.10

    To be filled with hostile chariots, threatened as a punishment Isaiah 22:7; TTI .Valleys.11


    A consequence of the fall Romans 8:20; TTI .Vanity.3

    Every man is Psalm 39:11; TTI .Vanity.4

    Every state of man is Psalm 62:9; TTI .Vanity.5

    Man at his best estate is Psalm 39:5; TTI .Vanity.6

    Man is like to Psalm 144:4; TTI .Vanity.7

    The thoughts of man are Psalm 94:11; TTI .Vanity.8

    The days of man are Job 7:16; Ecclesiastes 6:12; TTI .Vanity.9

    Childhood and youth are Ecclesiastes 11:10; TTI .Vanity.10

    The beauty of man is Psalm 39:11; Proverbs 31:30; TTI .Vanity.11

    The help of man in Psalm 60:11; Lamentations 4:17; TTI .Vanity.12

    Man's own righteousness is Isaiah 57:12; TTI .Vanity.13

    Worldly wisdom is Ecclesiastes 2:15; 1Corinthians 3:20; TTI .Vanity.14

    Worldly pleasure is Ecclesiastes 2:1; TTI .Vanity.15

    Worldly anxiety Psalm 39:6; 127:2; TTI .Vanity.16

    Worldly labour is Ecclesiastes 2:11; 4:4; TTI .Vanity.17

    Worldly enjoyment is Ecclesiastes 2:3; TTI .Vanity.18

    Worldly possessions are Ecclesiastes 2:4; TTI .Vanity.19

    Treasures of wickedness are Proverbs 10:2; TTI .Vanity.20

    Heaping up riches is Ecclesiastes 2:26; 4:8; TTI .Vanity.21

    Love of riches is Ecclesiastes 5:10; TTI .Vanity.22

    Unblessed riches are Ecclesiastes 6:2; TTI .Vanity.23

    Riches gotten by falsehood are Proverbs 21:6; TTI .Vanity.24

    All earthly things are Ecclesiastes 1:2; TTI .Vanity.25

    Foolish questions, &c are 1Timothy 1:6; 6:20; 2Timothy 2:14; Titus 3:9; TTI .Vanity.26

    The conduct of the ungodly is 1Peter 1:18; TTI .Vanity.27

    The religion of hypocrites is James 1:26; TTI .Vanity.28

    The worship of the wicked is Isaiah 1:13; Matthew 6:7; TTI .Vanity.29

    Lying words are Jeremiah 7:8; TTI .Vanity.30

    False teaching is but Jeremiah 23:32; TTI .Vanity.31

    Mere external religion is 1Timothy 4:8; Hebrews 13:9; TTI .Vanity.32

    Alms giving without charity is 1Corinthians 13:3; TTI .Vanity.33

    Faith without works is James 2:14; TTI .Vanity.34

    Idolatry is 2Kings 17:15; Psalm 31:6; Isaiah 44:9; Jeremiah 10:8; 18:15; TTI .Vanity.35

    Wealth gotten by, diminishes Proverbs 13:11; TTI .Vanity.36

    Fools follow those given to Proverbs 12:11; TTI .Vanity.37

    Following those given to, leads to poverty Proverbs 28:19; TTI .Vanity.38

    They who trust in, rewarded with Job 15:31; TTI .Vanity.39

    Vine, The

    Often found wild 2Kings 4:39; Hosea 9:10; TTI .Vine, The.3

    Required to be dressed and pruned to increase its fruitfulness Leviticus 25:3; 2Chronicles 26:10; Isaiah 18:5; TTI .Vine, The.4

    Canaan abounded in Deuteronomy 6:11; 8:8; TTI .Vine, The.5

    The dwarf and spreading vine particularly esteemed Ezekiel 17:6; TTI .Vine, The.6

    Of Sodom bad and unfit for use Deuteronomy 32:32; TTI .Vine, The.7

    Often degenerated Isaiah 5:2; Jeremiah 2:21; TTI .Vine, The.8

    Frequently injured by hail and frost Psalm 78:47; 105:32,33; TTI .Vine, The.9

    Foxes destructive to SongofSolomon 2:15; TTI .Vine, The.10

    The wild boar destructive to Psalm 80:13; TTI .Vine, The.11

    The wood of, fit only for burning Ezekiel 15:2; TTI .Vine, The.12

    Young cattle fed on its leaves and tender shoots Genesis 49:11; TTI .Vine, The.13

    Probably produced two crops of fruit in the year Numbers 13:20; TTI .Vine, The.14

    Perfumed the air with the fragrance of its flowers SongofSolomon 2:13; Hosea 14:7; TTI .Vine, The.15

    God made, fruitful for his people when obedient Joel 2:22; Zechariah 8:12; TTI .Vine, The.16

    Frequently made unfruitful as a punishment Jeremiah 8:13; Hosea 2:12; Joel 1:7; Haggai 2:19; TTI .Vine, The.17

    Sometimes cast its fruit before it came to perfection Job 15:33; Malachi 3:11; TTI .Vine, The.18

    Nazarites prohibited eating any part of Numbers 6:3; TTI .Vine, The.19

    Proverbial allusion to fathers eating the unripe fruit of Jeremiah 31:29; Ezekiel 18:2; TTI .Vine, The.20


    Origin and antiquity of Genesis 9:20; TTI .Vineyards.3

    The design of planting Psalm 107:37; 1Corinthians 9:7; TTI .Vineyards.4

    Frequently walled or fenced with hedges Numbers 22:24; Proverbs 24:31; Isaiah 5:2; TTI .Vineyards.5

    Cottages built in, for the keepers Isaiah 1:8; TTI .Vineyards.6

    Provided with the apparatus for making wine Isaiah 5:2; Matthew 21:33; TTI .Vineyards.7

    The stones carefully gathered out of Isaiah 5:2; TTI .Vineyards.8

    Frequently let out to husbandmen SongofSolomon 8:11; Matthew 21:33; TTI .Vineyards.9

    Rent of, frequently paid by part of the fruit Matthew 21:34; TTI .Vineyards.10

    Were often mortgaged Nehemiah 5:3; TTI .Vineyards.11

    Estimated rent of SongofSolomon 8:11; Isaiah 7:23; TTI .Vineyards.12

    Estimated profit arising from, to the cultivators SongofSolomon 8:12; TTI .Vineyards.13

    The poor engaged in the culture of 2Kings 25:12; Isaiah 61:5; TTI .Vineyards.14

    Members of the family often wrought in SongofSolomon 1:6; Matthew 21:28; TTI .Vineyards.15

    Mode of hiring and paying labourers for working in Matthew 20:1; TTI .Vineyards.16

    Of the kings of Israel superintended by officers of the state 1Chronicles 27:27; TTI .Vineyards.17

    Of red grapes particularly esteemed Isaiah 27:2; TTI .Vineyards.18

    The produce of, was frequently destroyed by enemies Jeremiah 48:32; TTI .Vineyards.19

    The whole produce of, often destroyed by insects, &c Deuteronomy 28:39; Amos 4:9; TTI .Vineyards.20

    In unfavourable seasons produced but little wine Isaiah 5:10; Haggai 1:9; TTI .Vineyards.21

    The wicked judicially deprived of the enjoyment of Amos 5:11; Zephaniah 1:13; TTI .Vineyards.22

    The Rechabites forbidden to plant Jeremiah 35:7; TTI .Vineyards.23

    Of the slothful man neglected and laid waste Proverbs 24:30; TTI .Vineyards.24


    God often made known his will by Psalm 89:19; TTI .Visions.3

    God especially made himself known to prophets by Numbers 12:6; TTI .Visions.4

    Frequently difficult and perplexing to those who received them Daniel 7:15; 8:15; Acts 10:17; TTI .Visions.5

    Often recorded for the benefit of the people Habakkuk 2:2; TTI .Visions.6

    Often multiplied for the benefit of the people Hosea 12:10; TTI .Visions.7

    Sometimes withheld for a long season 1Samuel 3:1; TTI .Visions.8

    The withholding of a great calamity Proverbs 29:18; Lamentations 2:9; TTI .Visions.9

    False prophets pretended to have seen Jeremiah 14:14; 23:16; TTI .Visions.10

    The prophets of God skilled in interpreting 2Chronicles 26:5; Daniel 1:17; TTI .Visions.11


    Solemn promises made to God Psalm 76:11; TTI .Vows.3

    To be voluntary Deuteronomy 23:21; TTI .Vows.4

    To be performed faithfully Numbers 30:2; TTI .Vows.5

    To be performed without delay Deuteronomy 23:21; TTI .Vows.6

    Danger of inconsiderately making Proverbs 20:25; TTI .Vows.7

    Of children void without the consent of parents Numbers 30:3; TTI .Vows.8

    Of married women void without consent of husbands Numbers 30:6; TTI .Vows.9

    Of widows and women divorced from their husbands binding Numbers 30:9; TTI .Vows.10

    Of wives, could only be objected to at the time of making Numbers 30:14; TTI .Vows.11

    Might be redeemed by paying a suitable compensation Leviticus 27:1; TTI .Vows.12

    Clean beasts the subjects of, not to be redeemed Leviticus 27:9; TTI .Vows.13

    All things dedicated by, to be brought to the tabernacle Deuteronomy 12:6; TTI .Vows.14

    Of things corrupt or blemished an insult to God Leviticus 22:23; Malachi 1:14; TTI .Vows.15

    The hire of a prostitute or price of a dog could not be the subject of Deuteronomy 23:18; TTI .Vows.16

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