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“I'd Like To Ask Sister White ...”

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    I Like To Sleep In On Sabbath Morning.

    It is a sad failing with many that they are always behind time on Sabbath morning. They are very particular about their own time, they cannot lose an hour of that; but the Lord’s time, the only day out of the seven that the Lord claims as His, is squandered away by sleeping late in the morning. In this they are robbing God. It causes them to be behind in everything.LASW 147.1

    Now why can we not rise early with the birds, and offer praise and thanksgiving to God? Try it. Have your preparations all made the day before. Come promptly to Sabbath school and meeting, and you will reap rich blessings for yourselves. 2The Youth’s Instructor, March 19, 1879.LASW 147.2

    There are many children who plead a lack of time as a reason why their Sabbath school lessons are not learned; but there are but few who could not find time to learn their lessons if they had an interest in them. 3Counsels on Sabbath School Work, 56.LASW 147.3