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“I'd Like To Ask Sister White ...”

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    Did The Boys Have Playmates?

    Willie, I am now visiting where there are two little boys, not as large as you are, and two little girl babies. The little boys and girls are cousins. They are very pretty little children. You would love to play with them if you were here. 18Letter 6, 1859.LASW 63.1

    Do good where you are, and to those with whom you associate. Keep learning in the school of Christ. 19Letter 13, 1867.LASW 63.2

    You may see little dishonest acts in other boys, but do not think for a moment of imitating them. Learn to despise such things. Shun the company of those who do evil, as you would a deadly poison; for they will corrupt everyone who associates with them. Ever have your young mind lifted up—elevated above the low, evil habits of those who have no fear of God before them. You can have correct thoughts, correct ways, and can form a good, pure character. 20An Appeal to the Youth, 45-47.LASW 63.3

    If there are boys or girls whom you know are evil you should remain away from them, not place yourself in their society.LASW 63.4

    Ever seek to exert a good influence, that God may approve of your works. You are daily stamping a record of your life by your course of action here. Let all your acts be such that you would not be ashamed to meet them in the judgment. God’s eye never slumbers or sleeps. This all-seeing eye is ever upon you. Now, dear child, be not led astray by anyone. While you associate with Johnny, try to lead him to God. But in no case let Johnny have an influence over you to divert your mind from the right or from duty. I hope Johnny will be led to give his heart to God and to devote his life to His service.LASW 63.5

    I hope that George and you will strengthen one another in doing right, in loving prayer, loving to do your duty, loving faithfulness, honesty, and uprightness. I have great confidence in George. He is a boy of good principle. Love one another, help one another, pray with each other and for each other. Exert a good influence over the younger members of the family. May the Lord bless you. 21Letter 16, 1867.LASW 64.1