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“I'd Like To Ask Sister White ...”

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    Were The Boys Good Letter Writers?

    Topsham, Maine

    December 10, 1867

    Dear Son Willie:

    We received a letter from you soon after our letter was mailed to you. You were quite liberal this time. Thank you all for your favors. If you knew how we prize a letter or letters from you, you would be prompt in writing. I have no fault to find with you; you have all done well. 6Letter 16, 1867.LASW 91.3

    Fairfield, Maine

    November 7, 1867

    Dear Son Willie:

    I wish you would write me just how you feel. I received your other letter and was so glad for a letter written by your own hand. Write again. We can read it if it is not so nice. Be faithful, dear boy, in prayer and I hope that Johnny, George, Sarah, and Marion will give their young hearts to the Lord fully, be adopted into the fold of Christ, and be ever ready to listen to the voice of the true Shepherd. Be faithful in all things. 7Letter 13, 1867.LASW 91.4