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“I'd Like To Ask Sister White ...”

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    Chapter 4—What was Your Home Like?

    In The Early Days You Had To Move Around So Much. Sometimes You Must Have Had A Problem About A Home And Furniture.

    We are just getting settled here in Rochester [1852]. We have rented an old house for one hundred and seventy-five dollars a year. We have the press in the house. Were it not for this we should have to pay fifty dollars a year for office room. You would smile, could you look in upon us and see our furniture. We have bought two old bedsteads for twenty-five cents each. My husband brought me home six old mismatched chairs, for which he paid one dollar, and soon he presented me with four more old chairs, without any seating; paid sixty-two cents for the lot. The frames were strong, and I have been seating them with drilling [strong, heavy cloth]. Butter is so high we do not purchase it, neither can we afford potatoes. We use sauce in the place of butter, and turnips for potatoes. The cherry sauce was provided for us by Sister Harris. 1Spiritual Gifts 2:160, 161.LASW 42.1