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The Story of Redemption -- Study Guide

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    Answers To Lesson 14

    1. a. Persecution from outside.SR-SG 118.1

    b. Artifice from inside.SR-SG 118.2

    2. Sufferings, Christians, another, Redeemer.SR-SG 118.3

    3. Temporal prosperity and worldly honor.SR-SG 118.4

    4. a. One class studies Christ’s life and seeks to correct their defects.SR-SG 118.5

    b. The other class shuns plain, practical truths that expose their errors.SR-SG 118.6

    5. Oppose, faith, defenders.SR-SG 118.7

    6. The church has conformed to the world’s standard, and therefore awakens no opposition.SR-SG 118.8

    7. a. It is to keep God before our minds.SR-SG 118.9

    b. It is the only commandment that unmistakably points mankind to the true God.SR-SG 118.10

    8. a. Christ is the only mediator between God and man.SR-SG 119.1

    b. The Bible is the only rule of faith.SR-SG 119.2

    c. The true Sabbath.SR-SG 119.3

    9. To give character and dignity to his labors.SR-SG 119.4

    10. Work, translation, Scriptures, English.SR-SG 119.5

    11. God, Holy Scriptures.SR-SG 119.6

    12. Eloquence, clearness, truth, understanding, fervor.SR-SG 119.7

    13. Offensive character of sin, salvation by faith, not works, indulgences were wrong, salvation is free.SR-SG 119.8

    14. Calm, peaceful, grandly brave and noble, subdued and humble in tone, without violence or passion, diffident and respectful, confident and joyful.SR-SG 119.9

    15. Satan and his hosts would have gained the victory.SR-SG 119.10

    16. Zeal, courage, boldness, extremes.SR-SG 119.11

    17. His patient and cautious nature served as a balance for Luther’s zeal in moving too fast.SR-SG 119.12

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