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The Story of Redemption -- Study Guide

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    B. Study Questions

    1. “The ___________ which had been prepared for ________________ was brought out and laid upon His [Christ’s] bruised and bleeding ___________.” (p. 220) Was it ours also?

    SR-SG 53.2

    2. What is the far-reaching application of Christ’s prayer on the cross for His enemies? (p. 222)

    SR-SG 53.3

    3. When Christ died, what happened in-- (pp. 226, 227)
    a. Nature?
    b. The Temple?
    c. Heaven?
    SR-SG 53.4

    4. The three “disciples” that took Jesus from the cross and placed Him in the tomb were _____________, _________________, and ____________. (pp. 227, 228)SR-SG 53.5

    5. “All of their plans and _______________ only served to make the ________________ of the resurrection more complete and to more fully establish its ___________________.” (p. 229)SR-SG 53.6

    6. What righteous dead were resurrected when Christ was raised from the grave? (p. 233)

    SR-SG 54.1

    7. The angels sang the ____________ psalm when Jesus went to heaven on the resurrection day. (p. 236)SR-SG 54.2

    8. When Christ finally ascended to heaven, whom did He take with Him? (p. 239)

    SR-SG 54.3

    9. In addition to the disciples, ______________ witnessed the ascension. (p. 240)SR-SG 54.4

    10. What special plans did Satan make with his angels after Christ’s return to heaven? (p. 240)

    SR-SG 54.5

    11. Who gathered in the upper room to pray for the Holy Spirit? (p. 241)
    SR-SG 54.6

    12. In what way were Jesus’ brothers won to faith in Him? (pp. 241, 242)

    SR-SG 55.1

    13. How is the gift of tongues defined? (p. 242)

    SR-SG 55.2

    14. The fire of the Holy Spirit that fell on the disciples was a symbol of “the fervent __________________ with which they would labor and the ____________ which would attend their _____________.” (p. 242)SR-SG 55.3

    15. Why didn't Peter use the teachings of Jesus in his sermon at Pentecost? (p. 244) Whom did he quote instead?
    SR-SG 55.4

    16. What are the lessons for us today in Pentecost? (pp. 246, 247)

    SR-SG 55.5

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