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The Story of Redemption -- Study Guide

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    B. Study Questions

    1. How is the life of John the Baptist described? (p. 197)

    SR-SG 48.2

    2. What explanation of Matthew 11:11 is given? (p. 198)

    SR-SG 48.3

    3. “John represented those who should go forth in the ______________ and power of _____________ to herald the day of wrath and the second ______________ of __________.” (p. 198)SR-SG 48.4

    4. Did Satan really carry Jesus to the pinnacle of the Temple? Yes No (Circle one) (p. 199)

    SR-SG 48.5

    5. What example is Christ for us in meeting temptation? (pp. 199, 200)

    SR-SG 48.6

    6. After direct temptation failed, what tactic did Satan use against Christ? (p. 202)

    SR-SG 49.1

    7. “Jesus began His _____________ by breaking Satan’s ________________ over the ___________________.” (p. 203)SR-SG 49.2

    8. Give some illustrations of the statement: “Never man spake like this man.” (p. 204)

    SR-SG 49.3

    9. The two classes of righteous represented by Moses and Elijah on the Mount of Transfiguration are: (p. 207)
    SR-SG 49.4

    10. Mary’s unselfish act brought out the worst in Judas. In what words is his selfish character described? (p. 208)

    SR-SG 49.5

    11. What two alternatives faced the Jewish leaders as they plotted Christ’s death? (p. 209)
    SR-SG 49.6

    12. How did Peter try to prove that he was not one of Christ’s disciples? (p. 213)

    SR-SG 50.1

    13. In what way did Satan attack Jesus indirectly at His trial? (p. 213)

    SR-SG 50.2

    14. What saved Peter after he denied Christ at the trial? (p. 214)

    SR-SG 50.3

    15. Why were heavenly angels restrained from protecting Jesus from the violence of wicked men at His trial? (p. 214)

    SR-SG 50.4

    16. What past experience encouraged the disciples at this time? (p. 215)

    SR-SG 50.5

    17. Describe the feelings and thoughts of Judas at Christ’s trial. (p. 216)

    SR-SG 50.6

    18. Judas “had loved ______________, but he had loved ______________ more.” (p. 216)SR-SG 51.1

    19. In what words is Jesus’ physical appearance at His trial described? (p. 217)

    SR-SG 51.2

    20. Christ’s “divine, miraculous ______________ was to be exercised for the _______________ of others, but not in His own __________________.” (p. 218)SR-SG 51.3

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