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The Story of Redemption -- Study Guide

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    B. Study Questions

    1. What is the third angel’s message, and when in history was it to be proclaimed? (p. 379)

    SR-SG 79.2

    2. When conviction came to the Adventists on the Sabbath truth, what did they examine first in their Bibles? (p. 380)

    SR-SG 79.3

    3. What great truth contained in the fourth commandment is vital to those who worship God intelligently? (p. 382)

    SR-SG 79.4

    4. “The most fearful _________________________addressed to mortals is contained in the angel’s message.” (p. 383)SR-SG 79.5

    5. How did an angel explain to Ellen White the fact that there is no immortal sinner? (p. 388)

    SR-SG 79.6

    6. List some delusions that Satan has practiced on human beings. (pp. 388-390) Note how some of them contradict one another.

    SR-SG 79.7

    7. “Satan looks with great ___________________ upon those who __________________ the name of Christ, yet closely adhere to the ______________________which he himself has originated.” (p. 392)SR-SG 80.1

    8. When men are led to believe that the dead communicate with the living, what dangerous delusion of Satan is encouraged? (pp. 393, 394)

    SR-SG 80.2

    9. Why do pretended visitants from other worlds send some correct messages? (p. 394)

    SR-SG 80.3

    10. What great danger is there in believing that spiritualism is merely a human imposture? (pp. 394, 395)

    SR-SG 80.4

    11. “Men are deceived by the _______________ which Satan’s agents have to do, not _____________ which they __________________ to do.” (p. 395)SR-SG 80.5

    12. Satan can only gain control of human beings “as they ____________ yield to his _____________________.” (p. 396)SR-SG 80.6

    13. What is the only evidence necessary to know that spiritualism is a snare of Satan? (p. 396)

    SR-SG 81.1

    14. “Satan is making the __________________ believe that the _________________ is a mere fiction, or at least a book suited to the __________________ of the race.” (p. 396)SR-SG 81.2

    15. Spiritualism discounts miracles in the life of Christ, while calling attention to __________________________________ . (p. 397)SR-SG 81.3

    16. In meeting Satan’s temptations “the plain _________________ of the _____________ will furnish weapons powerful in every __________________.” (p. 398)SR-SG 81.4

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