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The Story of Redemption -- Study Guide

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    B. Study Questions

    1. Describe Antioch. (p. 301) Are these favorable conditions?

    SR-SG 66.2

    2. For what reasons were disciples first called Christians in Antioch? (p. 302)

    SR-SG 66.3

    3. “The ceremony of the laying on of ________________ added no new grace or virtual ____________________. It was merely setting the seal of the ________________ upon the work of God--an acknowledged form of designation to an _________________ office.” (p. 304)SR-SG 66.4

    4. Who settled the problem of acceptance of Gentiles as true and equal Christians? (p. 306)

    SR-SG 66.5

    5. The disciple who presided at the first church council was _______________. (p. 307)SR-SG 66.6

    6. The kind of government established by the first church council was ______________. (pp. 308, 309)SR-SG 67.1

    7. What problem did the first council have that has always been with God’s people, and will be to the end of earth’s history? (p. 309)

    SR-SG 67.2

    8. “The one great __________________ of his [Paul’s] life was to ______________ and honor Him whose name had once filled him with ________________.” (p. 311)SR-SG 67.3

    9. Paul, in comparing his past life with his Christian life, said: “I suffered the _____________ of all ______________, and do count them but _______________.” (p. 311)SR-SG 67.4

    10. Give some examples of Paul’s varied methods of soul winning. (p. 312)

    SR-SG 67.5

    11. Paul and Peter were both martyred in ___________________. (p. 316)SR-SG 67.6

    12. “Being a Roman ______________ he [Paul] could not be subjected to _________________, and was therefore sentenced to be __________________.” (p. 316)SR-SG 68.1

    13. Why was Peter put to death as he was? (p. 316)

    SR-SG 68.2

    14. In spite of efforts to make it secret, Paul’s execution resulted in conversions. What was there about his death that made such a deep impression? (pp. 316, 317)

    SR-SG 68.3

    15. “The ______________, unconscious _____________ of a holy life is the most convincing __________________ that can be given in favor of ___________________.” (p. 318)SR-SG 68.4

    16. “Argument, even when ______________, may provoke only _________________; but a godly ______________ has a power which it is impossible to wholly resist.” (p. 318)SR-SG 68.5

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