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The Story of Redemption -- Study Guide

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    Answers to Lesson 1

    1. High broad forehead, perfect form, noble and majestic bearing, light beams on his countenance.SR-SG 92.1

    2. a. Envious, jealous, full of hatred, aspired to height of God, gloried in his loftiness, dissatisfied, aggrieved, selfish.SR-SG 92.2

    b. Lies, misrepresentation of God, assurance he would not submit, denounced loyal angels, concealed real purposes, deceptive.SR-SG 92.3

    3. a. He had been neglected in favor of Christ, former liberty was gone.SR-SG 92.4

    b. The rebelling angels had gone too far to go back.SR-SG 92.5

    4. a. Contention, discontented, unhappy, rebelled, audacious.SR-SG 92.6

    b. Wept, were anxious, amazed, felt loss of fallen angels.SR-SG 92.7

    c. Father and Son went to conference, commotion and war.SR-SG 92.8

    5. Slaves.SR-SG 92.9

    6. Law, own will.SR-SG 92.10

    7. Obedience, law.SR-SG 92.11

    8. Before.SR-SG 92.12

    9. Mountains were not so jagged, but regular and beautiful, no bare rocks. Trees were many times larger and more beautiful.SR-SG 92.13

    10. Twice.SR-SG 92.14

    11. Plains interspersed with mountains and bodies of water; plants, flowers, and trees of every description; beasts, fruit of great variety; birds of every variety of plumage.SR-SG 92.15

    12. Artificial, covering, light, angels.SR-SG 92.16

    13. a. Dressing the Garden.SR-SG 93.1

    b. Receiving angels’ instructions.SR-SG 93.2

    c. Happy meditations.SR-SG 93.3

    14. Obedience, faith, love.SR-SG 93.4

    15. Gloomy, despairing countenances, strife, discord, bitter recriminations, angry words.SR-SG 93.5

    16. a. Wretchedness of losing heaven.SR-SG 93.6

    b. Sense of guilt.SR-SG 93.7

    c. Disappointment in not realizing his expectations.SR-SG 93.8

    17. To the gate of heaven to taunt holy angels as they entered.SR-SG 93.9

    18. a. If they could cause man to disobey, then God would allow the angels to share in God’s mercy to fallen man.SR-SG 93.10

    b. They could unite with fallen man and hold Eden as their home, eating of the tree of life, thus having strength equal to that of the holy angels.SR-SG 93.11

    19. a. Boldly coming to Adam and Eve with complaints against God.SR-SG 93.12

    b. Trying to intimidate them.SR-SG 93.13

    c. Cunning and deceit.SR-SG 93.14

    20. a. Do not separate from each other in employment.SR-SG 93.15

    b. Stay away from the tree of knowledge.SR-SG 93.16

    21. Tree of knowledge.SR-SG 93.17

    22. Music.SR-SG 93.18

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