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The Story of Redemption -- Study Guide

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    B. Study Questions

    1. Describe the condition of the earth during the millennium. (p. 415)

    SR-SG 88.2

    2. “Limited alone to the ___________________ he [Satan] will not have the privilege of ranging to other ________________, to tempt and annoy those who have not ___________________.” (p. 416)SR-SG 88.3

    3. The righteous will be (a) outside, (b) inside, the New Jerusalem when the wicked are raised. (Underline one) (p. 418)SR-SG 88.4

    4. How do the resurrected wicked differ from the righteous who were raised before the millennium? (p. 418)

    SR-SG 88.5

    5. What begrudging exclamation is made by the wicked? (p. 419)

    SR-SG 88.6

    6. What is on the minds of the wicked as they are raised? (p. 419)

    SR-SG 88.7

    7. How do the wicked prepare for war against God? (pp. 419, 420)

    SR-SG 89.1

    8. Three groups of righteous surround God’s throne. In what order? (p. 421)
    SR-SG 89.2

    9. The righteous carry ___________________________ in their hands as a symbol of their triumph, and wear _______________ as emblems of the spotless righteousness of Christ, which now is theirs. (pp. 421, 422)SR-SG 89.3

    10. “In all that shining _____________ there are none to ascribe salvation to _________________, as if they had prevailed by their own power and ________________.” (p. 422)SR-SG 89.4

    11. “As soon as the books of record are opened, and the eye of _________________ looks upon the ___________, they are conscious of every _______________ which they have ever ______________________.” (p. 422)SR-SG 89.5

    12. As the wicked stand at the judgment bar, what are their thoughts? (p. 425)

    SR-SG 89.6

    13. The wicked admit that their judgment is ___________________. (p. 425)SR-SG 90.1

    14. Satan’s __________________________unfits him for heaven. (p. 427)SR-SG 90.2

    15. When the wicked are punished, “some are destroyed as in a _________________ while others suffer many __________________. All are punished according to their _____________________.” (p. 429)SR-SG 90.3

    16. “In the ________________ flames the wicked are at last ________________, root and ________________ --Satan the __________________, his ________________ the branches.” (p. 429) (See Malachi 4:1)SR-SG 90.4

    17. “The fire that ____________________ the __________________ purifies the ______________.” (p. 430)SR-SG 90.5

    18. What one reminder of sin will remain through eternity? (p. 430)

    SR-SG 90.6

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