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The Story of Redemption -- Study Guide

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    B. Study Questions

    1. What caused the church to degenerate again into formalism after the Protestant Reformation? (p. 354)

    SR-SG 74.2

    2. After the Reformation, Christians allied themselves, not with pagans, but with what class? (pp. 354, 355)

    SR-SG 74.3

    3. When Satan could no longer keep the Bible from people he “led thousands to accept false ______________________ and unsound ________________, without searching the Scriptures to learn the ________________ for themselves.” (p. 355)SR-SG 74.4

    4. At what point in history was the first angel’s message given? (p. 356)

    SR-SG 74.5

    5. What class of people did most of the “preaching” in the early advent movement? (p. 358)

    SR-SG 74.6

    6. Though ascension robes were not made, what inward preparation was made by waiting Advent believers in 1844? (p. 362)

    SR-SG 74.7

    7. How did the Adventists who prepared in fear for Christ’s return react to the Disappointment? (p. 363)

    SR-SG 75.1

    8. What had been the purpose of the first angel’s message? (p. 364)

    SR-SG 75.2

    9. In what way is the second angel’s message connected with the first message? (pp. 364, 365)

    SR-SG 75.3

    10. “The ________________ which He sends becomes _______________ to those who _______________ it.” (p. 364)SR-SG 75.4

    11. At what point in history was the second angel’s message given, and with what results? (p. 365)

    SR-SG 75.5

    12. What problem arose among the Adventists that brought reproach upon the body of believers? (p. 368)

    SR-SG 75.6

    13. The preaching of the midnight cry was free from ______________________. (p. 370)SR-SG 76.1

    14. What helped some to stand firm after the Disappointment? (p. 373)

    SR-SG 76.2

    15. When had there been a greater disappointment in history? (pp. 372, 373)

    SR-SG 76.3

    16. After the Disappointment their only safe course was to--
    c. (p. 374)
    SR-SG 76.4

    17. Quote the scripture that was the foundation of the Advent faith. (p. 375)

    SR-SG 76.5

    18. When Christ did not come in 1844, how did most of the Adventists explain the error? (p. 375)

    SR-SG 76.6

    19. As the rest of the Adventists could see no error in their explanation of the prophetic periods, they examined more closely the subject of the ______________________________. (p. 376)SR-SG 77.1

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