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The Story of Redemption -- Study Guide

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    B. Study Questions

    1. How is the loud cry different from the second angel’s message? (p. 399)

    SR-SG 84.2

    2. The loud cry “seemed to be an _________________ to the _________ message, joining it as the _______________ cry joined the second angel’s message in ______________.” (p. 400)SR-SG 84.3

    3. What are the effects of the loud cry on-- (p. 400)
    a. Those who receive it?
    b. Those who reject it?
    SR-SG 84.4

    4. The loud cry will have power
    (a) less than, (b) about the same as, (c) far exceeding, the midnight cry. (Underline one) (p. 401)
    SR-SG 84.5

    5. How will the last great warning affect those who do not accept it? (p. 402)

    SR-SG 84.6

    6. “While Jesus had been standing between God and _______________ man, a restraint was upon the _________; but when He stepped out from between ______________ and the Father, the restraint was removed and _____________________ had entire control of the finally ___________________________ .” (p. 403)SR-SG 84.7

    7. There appear to be two classes of wicked at the end of the world, even as there were at other times in history. How does each class react to the close of probation? (p. 404)
    SR-SG 85.1

    8. The suffering and punishment of the false ________________ will be ______________________ greater than that of their people. (p. 405)SR-SG 85.2

    9. During the time of Jacob’s trouble the saints will leave the ________________ and __________________ and associating in ______________ will live in the most _____________________ places. (p. 406)SR-SG 85.3

    10. How are the saints protected from death during the time of Jacob’s trouble? (p. 406)

    SR-SG 85.4

    11. Three groups surround the saints in the time of trouble. Who are they? (p. 407)
    a. Closest
    b. Next
    c. Next
    SR-SG 85.5

    12. “If the ______________ were permitted to _______________ the saints, Satan and all his evil host . . . would be _______________________.” (p. 408)SR-SG 85.6

    13. What takes place in nature when Christ returns? (p. 409)

    SR-SG 86.1

    14. Describe Christ’s physical appearance at His advent. (pp. 410, 411)

    SR-SG 86.2

    15. How are the righteous affected by Christ’s return? (pp. 411, 412)
    a. Living
    b. Dead
    SR-SG 86.3

    16. What talent will be given miraculously to the redeemed? (p. 413)

    SR-SG 86.4

    17. The first food Christ offers the redeemed is from the ________________________________ (p. 414)SR-SG 86.5

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