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The Story of Redemption -- Study Guide

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    Answers To Lesson 17

    1. Corruptions that have come into the church since 1844 are added to the message.SR-SG 124.1

    2. Addition, third, midnight, 1844.SR-SG 124.2

    3. a. They are moved to leave false churches.SR-SG 124.3

    b. Fear and restraint on them that kept them from hindering those who accepted it.SR-SG 124.4

    4. Far exceeding.SR-SG 124.5

    5. Stirs up and enrages them.SR-SG 124.6

    6. Guilty, people, man, Satan, impenitent.SR-SG 124.7

    7. a. Some denounce and curse God.SR-SG 124.8

    b. Others beg to know how to escape His judgments.SR-SG 124.9

    8. Ministers, tenfold.SR-SG 125.1

    9. Cities, villages, companies, solitary.SR-SG 125.2

    10. Angels in the form of men of war fight for them.SR-SG 125.3

    11. a. Angels of God.SR-SG 125.4

    b. A multitude of angry wicked.SR-SG 125.5

    c. A mass of evil angels.SR-SG 125.6

    12. Wicked, slay, gratified.SR-SG 125.7

    13. The sun shines at midnight, streams cease to flow, dark clouds come up and clash, a clear place of glory appears, a mighty earthquake, the sky opens and shuts, the mountains quake, ragged rocks are cast out, the sea boils and casts out stones.SR-SG 125.8

    14. Countenance bright as the sun, eyes as flame of fire, feet like brass, voice like many musical instruments.SR-SG 125.9

    15. a. They welcome Jesus in joy, saying, “Lo, this is our God.”SR-SG 125.10

    b. They are raised from their graves. All are given immortality.SR-SG 125.11

    16. Ability to play harps.SR-SG 125.12

    17. Tree of life.SR-SG 125.13

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