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The Story of Redemption -- Study Guide

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    Answers to Lesson 5

    1. a. He had repented.SR-SG 100.1

    b. God’s promises.SR-SG 100.2

    c. Tokens of God’s favor he had received in the past.SR-SG 100.3

    2. He had prevailed as a prince--the meaning of his new name.SR-SG 100.4

    3. Jacob’s distress represents the trouble of the righteous as the death decree is made, the righteous will wrestle in prayer with God day and night, they will have a deep sense of unworthiness, they will be tested, they will urge their petition before God.SR-SG 100.5

    4. It will overwhelm the unprepared.SR-SG 100.6

    5. Christians, persevering, determined.SR-SG 100.7

    6. Little exercise of true faith, so little weight of truth resting upon many, indolence in spiritual things, unwilling to deny self, unwilling to agonize before God, unwilling to pray earnestly.SR-SG 100.8

    7. He tried to get his brothers to repent of evil, his righteous life condemned them, he talked to their father about their sins, the brothers observed Jacob’s love for him, they hated his dreams and his telling of the dreams to their father.SR-SG 100.9

    8. Greater than themselves.SR-SG 100.10

    9. Fear they would join a future enemy against Egypt.SR-SG 100.11

    10. Particular, instruction, children, work.SR-SG 101.1

    11. Angels instructed him, Israelites were told by angels he was to be their deliverer, he was preserved from corrupting influences in Egypt’s court, he was directed to Jethro, the slaying of the Egyptian was overruled.SR-SG 101.2

    12. Experience, adversity, poverty.SR-SG 101.3

    13. a. To fully develop Pharaoh’s tyrannical spirit.SR-SG 101.4

    b. To make them eager to leave Egypt.SR-SG 101.5

    14. a. Threats.SR-SG 101.6

    b. Promise of rewards.SR-SG 101.7

    c. Cruel treatment.SR-SG 101.8

    15. Disposition, intermarry.SR-SG 101.9

    16. Atmosphere, breathing, pure, light.SR-SG 101.10

    17. a. Permission to sacrifice in Egypt.SR-SG 101.11

    b. Men could go alone, then wives and children.SR-SG 101.12

    c. He sent everything, including animals.SR-SG 101.13

    18. Bones, Joseph.SR-SG 101.14

    19. It settled between Israelites and Egyptians for protection while they crossed the Red Sea.SR-SG 101.15

    20. Far, could, go forward.SR-SG 101.16

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