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The Story of Redemption -- Study Guide

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    Answers to Lesson 10

    1. Cross, Barabbas, shoulders. Yes.SR-SG 110.1

    2. All sinners are enemies, so we are included.SR-SG 110.2

    3. a. Sun refused to shine, angry lightnings, earthquake.SR-SG 110.3

    b. The priest was interrupted in slaying the lamb, the curtain between the holy and Most Holy was torn from top to bottom.SR-SG 110.4

    c. There was joy in heaven.SR-SG 110.5

    4. John, Joseph of Arimathaea, Nicodemus.SR-SG 110.6

    5. Precautions, triumph, truth.SR-SG 110.7

    6. Chosen and holy ones of every age from Creation to the days of Christ.SR-SG 110.8

    7. Twenty-fourth.SR-SG 110.9

    8. The righteous who had been resurrected when He arose.SR-SG 110.10

    9. Mary, the mother of Jesus.SR-SG 111.1

    10. To concentrate on Christ’s followers, his efforts ten times stronger.SR-SG 111.2

    11. a. The eleven disciples.SR-SG 111.3

    b. Believing women.SR-SG 111.4

    c. Mary, the mother of Jesus.SR-SG 111.5

    d. The brothers of Jesus.SR-SG 111.6

    12. By the scenes of the crucifixion, resurrection, and ascension of Christ.SR-SG 111.7

    13. Speaking with fluency in several different languages with which they had formerly been unacquainted.SR-SG 111.8

    14. Zeal, power, words.SR-SG 111.9

    15. a. He knew their prejudices were so great against Christ they would have no effect.SR-SG 111.10

    b. David.SR-SG 111.11

    16. We should be waiting, watching, praying with one heart, differences should be put away, love to pervade.SR-SG 111.12

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