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General Conference Bulletin, vol. 1

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    O. A. OLSEN

    The Present Number of the Bulletin - O. A. OLSEN 563
    The Coming Week of Prayer - O. A. OLSEN 563
    The American Medical Missionary College - A. B. OLSEN, M. D. 564
    The Preparatory Medical Course - J. H. KELLOGG, M. D. 567
    Are You Lending a Helping-Hand? — A. O. TAIT 567
    School for Christian Workers - J. H. KELLOGG, M. D. 568
    The Work in New Zealand - W. M. CROTHERS 568
    Christian Help Work - J. H. KELLOGG, M. D. 569
    Training for Home Missionaries - J. H. KELLOGG, M. D. 570
    General Conference Committee Proceedings 570
    Proceedings of the General Conference Association 571
    Work of the Foreign Mission Board 571
    Statistical Reports - W. H. EDWARDS 572
    Study the Reports - W. H. EDWARDS 575
    Statistics of Home and Foreign Conferences and Missions for Year Ending June 30, 1895 576
    Comparative Summary of Contributions for Foreign Missions for Years 1894 and 1895 577
    General Organizations 578
    General Conference Districts 578a
    Local Organizations 578a
    Mission Fields 578k
    Educational Institutions 579
    Publishing Houses 580
    Health Institutions 581
    Benevolent Institutions 582
    Workers’ Directory 583
    Summary of Conference Officers 590
    Book Notices, etc 592
    The Work in the South- O. A. OLSEN 594

    We thank the secretaries of the different organizations for their prompt responses in furnishing the information needed in our directory compilations. Doubtless there are occasional errors in the work, and we will be deeply grateful to our friends for assistance in correcting mistakes, and for suggestions or criticisms, from time to time, that will be helpful in making our directories as reliable and comprehensive as possible. The directories will be revised quarterly, and will appear in the regular issues of this paper.GCB October 1895, page 594.1



    AT the council held in this city in October, it was decided to start an industrial school in the South, for colored people. As we stated in another connection in this paper, the committee having the matter in charge acted promptly in the discharge of their duties, with the result that a 360-acre tract of land has been secured, admirably suited for the purpose. The farm is four miles northwest of Huntsville, in the northern part of Alabama, and we can say that our brethren who have traveled in, and are acquainted with, the South, are unanimous in the opinion that the location is the best that could be found. The climate is healthful, and free from all malarious tendencies. The soil is generally productive, and nearly all kinds of crops can be raised. There are buildings on the farm, which, after receiving a little attention, will answer present necessities, so that the work can be opened without changing or building extensively. It will take some time before we shall be able to begin operations, but the initiatory move has been taken, — the location secured, — and knowing the interest that all our people feel in this enterprise, we are confident that this information will be received with satisfaction.GCB October 1895, page 594.2

    During the present season many more workers have been engaged in labor in the Southern field than heretofore. And we are glad to report that they are meeting with a good degree of success. The plans that are now being formed will still further increase the force of laborers in the South, and we believe that this is in harmony with the Spirit of God. A great and important field is spread out before us in the Southern States, and from present appearances it is in special preparation for being worked. Our colporteurs and canvassers have had excellent success in distributing literature, and the ministers are being blessed in their work. We are very glad that the time has come when we can push the work in the Southern field with more vigor and energy than we have been able to do in the past.GCB October 1895, page 594.3

    O. A. OLSEN.



    As it is the season of the year when the workers usually purchase their diaries for the ensuing year, we have a suggestion to make:—GCB October 1895, page 594.4

    The General Conference Association publishes a diary especially ruled and printed for laborers of the various grades. On the pages for the general summaries there are spaces for all the items that Conferences usually desire from their laborers, and there are places for other interesting items, which can be kept or omitted. It has space for everything that a minister or Bible-worker would wish to record. All Conference laborers, of necessity, keep some kind of record, and as many of them prefer to keep a regular diary, it is to their interest to get the best. We have no hesitancy in saying that the one published by the General Conference Association is the best for its purpose. Now, since you will want a diary for the coming year, why would it not be a good plan to get one to suit your needs?GCB October 1895, page 594.5

    In order to place the diaries within the reach of as many of our workers as possible, they are now offered at the following reduced prices, post-paid:—GCB October 1895, page 594.6

    Russia, red edges, with pocket $.65
    ”       ”     ”     ”    ”   and flap 75
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