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General Conference Bulletin, vol. 1

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    THE second meeting of the seventeenth annual session of the International Tract Society was held in the regular place of meeting, March 1, at 3 P.M., according to the printed program, Elder H. E. Robinson leading the assembly in prayer. The Secretary, A. O. Tait, read the minutes of the previous meeting.GCB March 3, 1895, page 443.20

    The report of the Committee on Plans of Work was as follows:—GCB March 3, 1895, page 443.21

    We recommend the extension of the circulation of tracts by means of packages in envelopes, with proper explanations printed on the same, these series of packages to contain tracts on all points of Bible truth peculiar to the Third Angel’s Message, the practical gospel tracts being interspersed with the doctrinal. For the assistance of those who may be induced to engage in this line of work, the officers of each tract society should suggest packages, and arrange subjects in the order in which they can be most successfully presented, to be varied as local interests may demand.GCB March 3, 1895, page 443.22

    Whereas, Agents have met with success in selling our periodicals, from issue to issue, by a house-to-house canvass; therefore, —GCB March 3, 1895, page 443.23

    Resolved, That we recommend the plan to our societies throughout the world.GCB March 3, 1895, page 443.24

    Whereas, Experience has demonstrated that our tracts and pamphlets can be sold by a house-to-house canvass in sufficient quantities to make this work self-sustaining; therefore, —GCB March 3, 1895, page 443.25

    Resolved, That we encourage members of our local societies and scattered members, who are not otherwise engaged in the cause, to devote a portion or all of of their time to this work.GCB March 3, 1895, page 443.26

    On motion of R. C. Porter, supported by J. S. Hall, the report was taken up at once for adoption.GCB March 3, 1895, page 443.27

    Elder Porter explained the resolution with reference to the arrangement of tracts. It is not expected that the general office shall do the selecting of tracts for local work. The workers should be free to exercise individual judgment as to the needs of the field, acting, of course, in harmony with the general plans.GCB March 3, 1895, page 443.28

    Elder Porter spoke upon the resolution relating to a house-to-house canvass for periodicals, stating that some very busy business men in the Eastern conferences take time to do some of this work, and meet with excellent success.GCB March 3, 1895, page 443.29

    H. E. Robinson made some interesting and important statements. He said that many are willing to buy a paper and pay for it, who would refuse to take a tract offered them. He said that $12 worth of books had been sold to one family that had become interested through a few copies of the Review that they had purchased, one at a time.GCB March 3, 1895, page 443.30

    This work affords opportunity to become acquainted with the people, talk with them, and interest them in sacred things.GCB March 3, 1895, page 443.31

    Elder Lane asked, When the Salvation Army people can do so much in selling their periodicals, why cannot our elderly men and women, and the younger ones and children, too, engage in this work?GCB March 3, 1895, page 443.32

    The importance of the line of work comprehended in the last resolution upon selling tracts, was urged by several speakers.GCB March 3, 1895, page 444.1

    Brother Holser stated that some of the European workers have averaged sales of thirty cents an hour for the entire time in the field. Some had taken but one eight-page tract, and sold $20 worth a week.GCB March 3, 1895, page 444.2

    The entire report was adopted by unanimous vote.GCB March 3, 1895, page 444.3

    The Committee on Nominations offered the following report, which was adopted:—GCB March 3, 1895, page 444.4

    President - O. A. Olsen.GCB March 3, 1895, page 444.5

    Vice-President - S. N. Haskell.
    Secretary and Treasurer - A. O. Tait.

    Executive Board - O. A. Olsen, S. N. Haskell, G. A. Irwin, W. W. Prescott, W. C. White, A. R. Henry, A. O. Tait, Allen Moon, L. T. Nicola.GCB March 3, 1895, page 444.6

    It was moved by A. T. Jones and seconded by M. C. Wilcox, that Section 1, Article 4, of the By-laws of the Society be amended by changing the number of Directors from nine to eleven, and that five constitute a quorum. The motion prevailed.GCB March 3, 1895, page 444.7

    It was then voted that the names of D. A. Robinson and H. P. Holser be added to the International Tract Society Executive Board.GCB March 3, 1895, page 444.8

    Adjourned sine die.GCB March 3, 1895, page 444.9

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