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General Conference Bulletin, vol. 1

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    THE third meeting of the Benevolent Association met according to adjournment, February 27, at 4 P.M.GCB March 1, 1895, page 422.1

    Elder A. J. Breed led the assembly in prayer.GCB March 1, 1895, page 422.2

    The minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.GCB March 1, 1895, page 422.3

    The matter of the constitution of the Association was taken up, and the following amendment, known as “D,” Art.5, of the constitution, was adopted unanimously:—GCB March 1, 1895, page 422.4

    All presidents of the S.D.A. conferences in the United States and elsewhere, shall be ex-officio members of the Association, during their respective terms of office, and no longer.GCB March 1, 1895, page 422.5

    A. O. Tait, as secretary of the committee to which Resolution 2 was referred at the last meeting, submitted the following substitution:—GCB March 1, 1895, page 422.6

    Whereas, The Christian Help work is in harmony with the example of our Saviour; therefore, —GCB March 1, 1895, page 422.7

    Resolved, That we heartily endorse what has been done in this line of work, and urge its extension into conferences and other fields where it has not yet entered; and that we request the General Conference Committee and Medical Missionary Board to formulate definite plans for future work.GCB March 1, 1895, page 422.8

    The resolution was amended by a vote suggesting that the General Conference Committee and Medical Missionary Board call in five presidents of conferences to act with them in formulating plans for future work.GCB March 1, 1895, page 422.9

    The resolution with this addition was then adopted.GCB March 1, 1895, page 422.10

    Elder D. T. Jones was invited to speak upon Resolution 5, giving something of his experience in Mexico in establishing and conducting a medical mission. This was a new work. Some sixteen cities were visited where missionaries were located. Suggestions were received, but not much practical instruction as to conducting the medical work.GCB March 1, 1895, page 422.11

    The work was started. Within a week an application for medical aid was made. In a very short time they had all the work they could do, and opportunities for more. Some days a hundred applicants have been ministered to or treated.GCB March 1, 1895, page 422.12

    The Catholic priests have done much to oppose the work, but the people have not regarded their restraining influence. Three opposition hospitals have been established within a few blocks, but there is no appreciable diminution in the patronage of our institution.GCB March 1, 1895, page 422.13

    Elder Holser expressed the belief that our work would more and more assume this form, and that it would in this way be rapidly advanced. He stated that three persons are already representing the Association in Europe, and are doing excellent work, which is found to be self-supporting. One is in Italy, one in Switzerland, the other in France.GCB March 1, 1895, page 422.14

    The one in France is having as many applications as he can well attend, and has accomplished much toward getting the people to leave off pork and tobacco, and adopt a vegetarian diet.GCB March 1, 1895, page 422.15

    Dr. Wm. Hubbard was asked to speak upon Resolution 6, relating to the Chicago Mission. He stated that he had visited many of the societies in Chicago doing similar work; and finds that without exception they look favorably upon our work and commend it.GCB March 1, 1895, page 422.16

    Prof. Graf, of Chicago, being present, was asked by the President, Dr. Kellogg, to address the Association. He stated that he met with a severe accident, and his means being very limited, he was recommended by some one to the Mission. He could not express his appreciation of the benefit he had received, not only physically, but spiritually. He soon became a worker in the Mission and in the vineyard of the Lord. He now says of the Mission: “I found the truth there, thanks to the Lord!”GCB March 1, 1895, page 422.17

    By vote the names of the cities of London and Philadelphia were introduced into Resolution 7. So these cities are included in the list for medical missions.GCB March 1, 1895, page 422.18

    As provision had been made by the General Conference Committee for collections for “maintenance funds” referred to in resolutions 9 and 10, these were withdrawn by the Committee on Resolutions.GCB March 1, 1895, page 422.19

    The following names were presented by the Committee on Nominations:—GCB March 1, 1895, page 422.20

    For four years - O. A. Olsen, J. H. Kellogg, S. N. Haskell, A. R. Henry, W. W. Prescott.GCB March 1, 1895, page 422.21

    For two years - J. H. Morrison, G. E. Tyszkiewicz, W. C. White, L. McCoy..GCB March 1, 1895, page 422.22

    J. FARGO,
    R. C. PORTER, Committee.
    H. P. HOLSER.

    By unanimous vote Elder Loughborough was instructed to cast the vote for nominees, and they were declared elected.GCB March 1, 1895, page 422.23

    Adjourned sine die.

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