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General Conference Bulletin, vol. 1

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    L. T. NICOLA

    THE following recommendations from the minutes of late meetings of the General Conference Committee are furnished for publication:—GCB October 1895, page 570.7

    1. That M. E. Olsen and C. T. Shaffer receive ministerial license.GCB October 1895, page 570.8

    2. That Tillie Olds, Mary Wilson, and H. H. Brand receive missionary license.GCB October 1895, page 570.9

    3. That Annie Hemming, of Utah, engage in Bible work in Louisville, Ky.GCB October 1895, page 570.10

    4. That Prof. J. G. Lamson be released from his appointment as teacher in the Keene Industrial School, and that he be recommended to assist in the religious liberty work in the office of the International Tract Society.GCB October 1895, page 570.11

    5. That Stephen G. Haughey, of Ohio, be recommended to engage in ministerial labor in the Florida Conference.GCB October 1895, page 570.12

    6. That Elder J. H. Morrison be chosen to take the general oversight of the work in District No. 4 during the present winter, in connection with his labors in District No. 3.GCB October 1895, page 570.13

    7. That Elder G. E. Fifield be recommended to act as Bible instructor in the worker’s institute to be held at Atlanta, Ga., Jan. 8 to Feb. 15, 1896.GCB October 1895, page 570.14

    8. That Dr. David Paulson be requested to give instruction in hygiene and Christian Help work in the Atlanta institute.GCB October 1895, page 570.15

    9. That Elder O. A. Olsen be requested to spend as much time in the Atlanta institute as his duties will permit.GCB October 1895, page 570.16

    10. That the request of the Colorado Conference to be released from the supervision of the Wyoming mission field be granted, and that said mission field be taken under the watchcare of the General Conference.GCB October 1895, page 570.17

    11. That Elder O. S. Ferren and Brother H. F. Kettring be recommended to labor in the Wyoming mission field.GCB October 1895, page 570.18

    12. That a tent suitable for public meetings be provided for the Wyoming field.GCB October 1895, page 570.19

    13. That on account of the extraordinary features of the situation in the city of New York, the General Conference cooperate with the Atlantic Conference in supporting and directing the work in that city during the next two years, arrangements therefore being made mutually by the General Conference Committee and the Atlantic Conference Committee.GCB October 1895, page 570.20

    14. That the following be the revised program for the Week of Prayer, December 21-29, 1895:—GCB October 1895, page 570.21

    1. Introductory. The General Situation, and the Propriety of the Week of Prayer Season. — O. A. Olsen.GCB October 1895, page 570.22

    2. Notes from the Field. — F. M. Wilcox.GCB October 1895, page 570.23

    3. Entire Consecration; What Is it, and How Is it Manifested. — Geo. I. Butler.GCB October 1895, page 570.24

    4. Privileges and Responsibilities of the Church; Christ Manifested through it. — J. H. Durland.GCB October 1895, page 570.25

    5. The Fifty-eighth Chapter of Isaiah. — J. H. Kellogg, M.D.GCB October 1895, page 570.26

    6. The Prodigal Son. — Mrs. E. G. White.GCB October 1895, page 570.27

    7. Christ and the Holy Spirit. — W. W. Prescott.GCB October 1895, page 570.28

    8. Seeking the Lost. — Mrs. E. G. White.GCB October 1895, page 570.29

    9. The Present Situation, and Needs of the Cause. — O. A. Olsen.GCB October 1895, page 570.30

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