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General Conference Bulletin, vol. 1

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    L. T. NICOLA

    THE twentieth annual meeting of the stockholders of the Pacific Press Publishing Company was held at Oakland, Cal., Tuesday, May 4, 1895, at 4 o’clock P. M. The call for shares showed a representation present of 2932 shares and proxies. This being a majority, the meeting was declared open for business.GCB July 1895, page 534.45

    Committees were appointed as follows: On Nominations, R. S. Owen, W. C. Grainger, Frank Brown, T. T. Heald, H. A. St. John; on Resolutions, M. C. Wilcox, A. J. Breed, N. W. Kauble, W. N. Glenn, R. S. Donnell.GCB July 1895, page 534.46

    The financial reports of the Main Office, New York Branch, and Kansas City Branch were then read, of which the following is a summary:—GCB July 1895, page 534.47


    No Authorcode

    Bills Receivable $ 8,365 27
    Accounts Receivable 37,166 43
    New York Branch, Assets of 36,894 15
    Kansas City Branch, Assets of 25,852 77
    Insurance, Unexpired premiums 501 75
    Cash on Hand 2,834 30
    Inventory Value of Property of all kinds 284,387 56
    Total $396,002 23


    Certificates of Stock $ 44,590 00
    California Publishing Fund Donations 19,701 65
    Bills Payable 162,427 04
    Trust Funds 19,885 98
    Accounts Payable 30,534 57
    New York Branch, Liabilities of 7,257 24
    Kansas City Branch, Liabilities of 9,132 48
    Provision for Accrued Interest 3,930 66
    provision for Doubtful Debts 500 00
    Surplus March 31, 1894 $ 99,511 68
    Rebate on London Branch $1344 12
    Loss for the year 124 95 1,469 07
    Surplus March, 31, 1895 98,042 61
    Total $396,002 23

    The Committee on Resolutions presented the following report, which was unanimously adopted:—GCB July 1895, page 536.1

    Whereas, The publishing work was instituted in the providence of God, as an important auxiliary in the work of proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom of Christ; therefore, —GCB July 1895, page 536.2

    1. Resolved, That we hereby acknowledge obligation to the fostering care of Almighty God, for any degree of success that may have attended the work of the Corporation in the past, and our dependence upon Heavenly wisdom for the successful conduct of the business in the future; that we are especially thankful that while many great worldly institutions have been forced to succumb entirely to the pressure of hard times the past year, this institution has escaped with comparatively small financial loss.GCB July 1895, page 536.3

    Whereas, The late General Conference passed the following resolution with reference to our denominational periodicals:—GCB July 1895, page 536.4

    “Resolved, That it be expressed as the sense of this body, that the editorial control and the shaping of the general policy of the Review and Herald, Signs of the Times, American Sentinel, Home Missionary, Youth’s Instructor, Our Little Friend, and the German, Danish, Swedish, and Holland papers, be placed in the hands of the General Conference, it being understood that the business and financial management of the journals remain in the control of the organizations now governing the same, and that the editors of these papers be appointed by the General Conference Committee,” and, —GCB July 1895, page 536.5

    Whereas, The Board of Directors of the Pacific Press Publishing Company have already complied with this resolution (subject, of course, to the will of the stockholders) so far as the Signs of the Times, Our Little Friend, and the American Sentinel are concerned; therefore, —GCB July 1895, page 536.6

    2. Resolved, That we express our approval of the Resolution and of the action of the Board of Directors in harmony therewith.GCB July 1895, page 536.7

    Whereas, The General Conference at its last session passed the following resolution:—GCB July 1895, page 536.8

    “REsolved, That we approve of the plan of inserting in the Signs of the Times, the Present Truth, and the American Sentinel, a limited number of carefully selected advertisements, the illustrating of the papers to be left to the publishers;” therefore, —GCB July 1895, page 536.9

    3. Resolved, That we endorse the above resolution, so far as it applies to the Signs of the Times and the American Sentinel, the only papers under our control.GCB July 1895, page 536.10

    Whereas, Steps have been taken to reduce the cost of our pioneer missionary paper, the Signs of the Times, to the low price of one dollar per year for single subscriptions, and still lower prices for clubs; and, —GCB July 1895, page 536.11

    Whereas, Unless there is a hearty support given to this paper by our people, the new departure will involve great loss to the General Conference, as well as to the Pacific Press; therefore, —GCB July 1895, page 536.12

    4. Resolved, That “we,” in the language of the last General Conference, “request State Conferences and Tract Societies to encourage all their churches, unorganized companies, and isolated members to take clubs of the Signs of the Times for missionary work, to sell, loan, and give away as opportunity may afford.”GCB July 1895, page 536.13

    Whereas, The American Sentinel has ever stood as a zealous advocate and defender of liberty and the rights of man, as set forth in the gospel of Christ, and taught by the founders of our government; therefore, —GCB July 1895, page 536.14

    5. Resolved, That we will labor earnestly to give it the extended circulation that it deserves, and ask the hearty co-operation of all our people in this important work.GCB July 1895, page 536.15

    Whereas, The children’s paper, entitled Our Little Friend, is a great help in our Sabbath-schools and is an excellent means of instruction for the children; therefore, —GCB July 1895, page 536.16

    6. Resolved, That we will labor to extend its circulation and increase its usefulness, not only in the Sabbath-schools, but also among the children of the world.GCB July 1895, page 536.17

    7. Resolved, That we approve the action of the Board of Directors in disposing of the Bible Students’ Library and Apples of Gold Library to the General Conference Association, provided the printing of these Libraries be retained in the Pacific Press establishment.GCB July 1895, page 536.18

    Whereas, We are living in a time when investments in worldly enterprises, and bank deposits are becoming more and more unsafe; and, —GCB July 1895, page 536.19

    Whereas, Experience has proved that the cause of God and its institutions afford the safest place for investment and deposit of means; therefore, —GCB July 1895, page 536.20

    8. Resolved, That we recommend the Pacific Press Publishing Company to our people as a safe place to invest or deposit money as an effective means of furthering the cause of gospel truth; and we would suggest that these investments or deposits be made in the following way: (a) by taking stock in the institution; (b) by depositing money without interest; (c) by depositing money at a low rate of interest.GCB July 1895, page 536.21

    9. REsolved, That we request the General Conference Association to make such arrangements that the Pacific Press Publishing Company and its branch offices may be able to handle at a reasonable profit all publications issued by that Association.GCB July 1895, page 536.22

    Whereas, The canvassing work is God’s means of reaching many who would not otherwise be impressed with the truth, and, —GCB July 1895, page 536.23

    Whereas, The interests of the canvassers and the publishing houses are mutual; therefore, —GCB July 1895, page 536.24

    10. Resolved, That we express our appreciation of the efforts that have been put forth by the canvassers, and our sincere gratitude to God for the success that has attended the canvassing work thus far; and that we pledge our united efforts and prayers to this branch of the work until it is finished.GCB July 1895, page 536.25

    Whereas, Young people, as well as those who are older, are connected with our office of publication who have had limited advantages in such education as would fit them for usefulness in the cause of God, therefore, —GCB July 1895, page 536.26

    11. Resolved, That we again urge the Board of Directors to do what can consistently be done in this direction.GCB July 1895, page 537.1

    M. C. WILCOX, A. J. BREED, N. W. KAUBLE, R. S. DONNELL, W. N. GLENN - Committee.

    The following named persons were elected as a Board of Directors for the ensuing year: C. H. Jones, Wm. Saunders, S. C. Stickney, A. J. Breed, N. C. McClure, M. C. Wilcox, M. H. Brown.GCB July 1895, page 537.2

    ORGANIZATION OF THE BOARD. — Pres. and Gen’l Manager, C. H. Jones; Vice-Pres., Wm. Saunders; Sec., E. A. Chapman; Treas., S. C. Stickney; Auditor, W. H. B. Miller.GCB July 1895, page 537.3

    MANAGER NEW YORK BRANCH. — T. A. Kilgore; Manager Kansas City Branch, B. R. Nordyke.GCB July 1895, page 537.4

    C. H. JONES, Pres.
    E. A. CHAPMAN, Sec.

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