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General Conference Bulletin, vol. 1

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    THE seventeenth meeting of the General Conference was called at ten A.M. on Monday, March 4, 1895. Hymn 843 being sung, prayer was offered by W. B. White, and the minutes were read and accepted.GCB March 5, 1895, page 485.4

    Prof. G. W. Caviness extended to the audience an invitation to visit and inspect the Sloyd department of the College, and to attend a musical recital in the afternoon.GCB March 5, 1895, page 485.5

    The Chair called the attention of the Conference to the election of Trustees of the General Conference Association, which was informally transacted the preceding day. It would now be necessary to confirm the election, in order to render it legal. A. O. Tait moved, S. H. Lane seconded, that the candidates for the office of Trustees of the General Conference Association chosen in the former meeting be elected.GCB March 5, 1895, page 485.6

    A. R. Henry moved and H. Lindsay seconded that the name of John N. Nelson be substituted for that of L. L. Lawrence, as, on account of other engagements, Brother Lawrence would not be able to attend to the business. The amendment was adopted, and the election was carried unanimously.GCB March 5, 1895, page 485.7

    The report of Committee on Distribution of Labor, page 463, was then taken up. O. A. Johnson moved and M. C. Wilcox seconded that the items be considered separately and adopted.GCB March 5, 1895, page 485.8

    Elder G. B. Tripp being called upon to speak in reference to Recommendation 42, said he did not wish to take any decided position in reference to the matter. He did not feel any positive indication of duty in that direction, or any impression that he should go to the field selected; but, nevertheless, it might be his duty, and if it were, his only wish was to do it. He preferred to take a neutral position, and would trust that the Lord was leading and guiding in whatever action might be taken.GCB March 5, 1895, page 485.9

    The chairman stated that the selection of some one to go to Zambesia to take charge of the work was a question which had long been before the Committee. Different individuals had been thought of in connection with that mission, but in each case circumstances intervened which render their going wholly impracticable; but in the case of Brother Tripp the way seemed to open, and he trusted that it might be the Lord’s will that Brother Tripp should go. If, however, any circumstances developed which clearly indicated that it would not be consistent for him to go there, other measures would be taken by the Committee.GCB March 5, 1895, page 485.10

    The Foreign Mission Secretary then spoke from a large map of Africa, of the mission and the work which was being entered upon.GCB March 5, 1895, page 485.11

    Brother C. D. Zirkle, of Virginia, spoke of the attachment that the people in that Conference had formed for Brother Tripp, and the sorrow they would feel in parting with him; but if it were his duty to go, they would send him forth, praying that the blessing of God would go with him. The recommendation was carried.GCB March 5, 1895, page 485.12

    Numbers 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, and 48 were passed without amendment.GCB March 5, 1895, page 486.1

    Recommendation 49 was spoken to by W. M. Healey, who said that there are 4000 Chinese in Honolulu, and many of them are of the better class. He thought that the very best means by which to reach China itself would be to reach those who had left the empire, and would afterward go back to carry the truth to their fellow-countrymen.GCB March 5, 1895, page 486.2

    Allen Moon remarked that as there were a number of nationalites in the Hawaiian Islands, and a large amount of missionary work to be done, he thought it would be better not to restrict our workers to the Chinese class.GCB March 5, 1895, page 486.3

    F. M. Wilcox moved, and Allen Moon seconded, that the word “Chinese” be stricken from the recommendation.GCB March 5, 1895, page 486.4

    J. E. Graham asked if missionary work were not already established there with other nationalities.GCB March 5, 1895, page 486.5

    W. M. Healey stated that it is a fact that there is a church in Honolulu, and that missionary work is being done by various members of that church, and he feared that if the word “Chinese” were stricken from the resolution, that that class of people would be neglected.GCB March 5, 1895, page 486.6

    M. C. Wilcox spoke of the great need of work there, and that our own brethren need help. He thought that the work should take a more general scope.GCB March 5, 1895, page 486.7

    The motion to amend was lost, and the original recommendation was carried.GCB March 5, 1895, page 486.8

    Number 50 was spoken to by E. W. Webster, and adopted.GCB March 5, 1895, page 486.9

    Number 51 was passed without debate.GCB March 5, 1895, page 486.10

    The Secretary of the Foreign Mission Board spoke from the map, of the work on the West Coast of Africa, and bespoke for those who are going there the earnest prayers of the people of God.GCB March 5, 1895, page 486.11

    The Committee on Distribution of Labor submitted the final report. M. C. Wilcox moved that the rules be suspended, and the report be acted upon at once. The report is as follows:—GCB March 5, 1895, page 486.12

    52. That Elder L. A. Hoopes take the presidency of the Virginia Conference, made vacant by the removal of Elder G. B. Tripp.GCB March 5, 1895, page 486.13

    53. That Elder R. A. Underwood labor in Pennsylvania.GCB March 5, 1895, page 486.14

    54. That Elder J. P. Henderson, of Iowa, go to Illinois to labor.GCB March 5, 1895, page 486.15

    55. That Elder J. S. Shrock, of Minnesota, go to Illinois to labor in the German work.GCB March 5, 1895, page 486.16

    56. That Ole Oppegard go to Argentina to canvass among the Scandinavians as a self-supporting worker.GCB March 5, 1895, page 486.17

    57. That P. Giddings return to British Guiana to labor.GCB March 5, 1895, page 486.18

    58. That Elder J. T. Boettcher remain in this country to engage in educational work.GCB March 5, 1895, page 486.19

    59. That Elder W. T. Drummond, of Texas, labor in District No. 2, under the direction of the district superintendent.GCB March 5, 1895, page 486.20

    60. That Daniel Nettleton, W. A. Hennig, and C. N. Harr take the places made vacant on the Nebraska Conference Committee by removals.GCB March 5, 1895, page 486.21

    61. That all other calls for labor be referred to the General Conference Committee and Foreign Mission Board.GCB March 5, 1895, page 486.22

    In reference to Recommendation 54, J. P. Henderson remarked that the Iowa Conference had bestowed much kindness and care upon him in sickness, and that now his health and strength had returned, he felt under obligations to put forth his best efforts in appreciation of the kindness he had received from his brethren in Iowa. Otherwise from that, he felt in harmony with the recommendation.GCB March 5, 1895, page 486.23

    The Chair remarked that these matters had been under consideration by the committees of both conferences, and the agreement was mutual.GCB March 5, 1895, page 486.24

    E. G. Olsen, of Iowa, stated that they appreciated the labors of Brother Henderson very much, and should miss him from their State, while S. H. Lane welcomed Brother Henderson to Illinois as one of his sons in the gospel. This recommendation was carried, and the remaining ones were adopted without amendment or debate.GCB March 5, 1895, page 486.25

    The Committee on Credentials and Licenses then presented the final report, as follows:—GCB March 5, 1895, page 486.26

    Credentials - G. B. Tripp, James A. Morrow, C. C. Lewis, V. H. Lucas, W. T. Drummond.GCB March 5, 1895, page 486.27

    Missionary License - Mrs. E. W. Webster, Dr. Braucht, A. B. Stauffer, Miss Lucy B. Post, D. U. Hale, G. P. Riggs, E. R. Palmer, E. W. Snyder, C. A. Nowlen, T. H. Davis, F. B. Bishop, W. E. Haskell, M. C. Studevant, C. E. Sturdevant, T. B. Buckner, Mrs. Rachel E. Flowers, Frank Mosebar, L. Brookings.GCB March 5, 1895, page 486.28

    Ministerial License - J. H. Kellogg, Paul J. Dean, W. H. McKee, F. W. Howe.GCB March 5, 1895, page 486.29

    By vote, the action granting missionary license to W. H. McKee was rescinded, and his name was inserted among those for ministerial licenses.GCB March 5, 1895, page 486.30

    After several names overlooked by the Committee had been entered by common consent, any remaining names were referred to the General Conference Committee, and the report was adopted.GCB March 5, 1895, page 486.31

    As no further business appeared at this point, the Conference moved to take a recess until 6:30 P.M., when it would meet for the farewell meeting, and the transaction of any remaining business which might come up.GCB March 5, 1895, page 486.32

    The final meeting of the Conference was convened at 6:30 P.M. D. A. Robinson offered prayer and the minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved. The Committee on Distribution of Labor submitted a further report as follows:—GCB March 5, 1895, page 486.33

    62. That, in view of the evident need of the workers going to New Guinea having some special training, the opening of the work in that island be deferred for the present, and that Elder A. J. Read and wife be permitted to remain in this country to take some special preparation for the work; and further, —GCB March 5, 1895, page 487.1

    62a. That in view of this change, the question of Dr. Braucht’s field of labor be left to the Foreign Mission Board.GCB March 5, 1895, page 487.2

    63. That the name of Elder W. A. McCutchen, of Georgia, be substituted for that of Elder L. A. Hoopes as president of the Viginia Conference.GCB March 5, 1895, page 487.3

    64. That in view of Elder L. A. Hoopes remaining in Nebraska, the name of C. N. Harr be omitted from the Nebraska Conference Committee.GCB March 5, 1895, page 487.4

    S. H. Lane moved that the rules be suspended, and the report adopted.GCB March 5, 1895, page 487.5

    Recommendation 62 was spoken to by the Chair, who explained the reason for the change in the report already adopted to be the earnest request of Elder Read that he might receive additional training in medical work.GCB March 5, 1895, page 487.6

    A. J. Read, affirmed his desire for such training and the recommendation was adopted.GCB March 5, 1895, page 487.7

    Recommendation 63 was adopted without discussion.GCB March 5, 1895, page 487.8

    W. B. White spoke to No. 63 and gave as a reason for the changes suggested that in view of the drain already made on Nebraska, they earnestly requested that Elder Hoopes might remain with them.GCB March 5, 1895, page 487.9

    Carried.GCB March 5, 1895, page 487.10

    Number 64 was carried without debate.GCB March 5, 1895, page 487.11

    Elder D. T. Jones spoke in behalf of the work in Mexico, and made a plea for additional help. So far the work has been largely experimental. Now we need a substantial work and a supply of workers to meet the demands of the field. Mexico is a good field for preparation of laborers for other Spanish speaking countries.GCB March 5, 1895, page 487.12

    S. H. Lane moved that the matter of furnishing help for the Mexican field be referred to the foreign Mission Board. And that, in view of the importance of the Mexican field, the matter receive immediate attention.GCB March 5, 1895, page 487.13

    Minutes of the meeting were accepted.GCB March 5, 1895, page 487.14

    On motion of H. W. Decker, Conference adjourned sine die.GCB March 5, 1895, page 487.15

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