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General Conference Bulletin, vol. 1

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    L. T. NICOLA


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    Brief Review of our Work, and Present Outlook 703
    Proceedings General Conference Association 705
    Proceedings General Conference Committee 711
    Proceedings Foreign Mission Board 712
    “General Conference Bulletin” 714

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    General Conference 715
    General Conference Association 716
    Foreign Mission Board 716
    Echo Publishing Co 716
    Russian Mission 717
    South African Conference 717
    German Mission 717
    Summary of Statistics of Conferences and Missions 718
    Summary of Contributions for Missions 719
    Report of Hamburg S. D. A. Society 720
    Imprimerie Polyglotte 720
    Scandinavian Publishing Association 720
    British Mission 721
    International Tract Society 721

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    General Organizations 722
    General Conference Districts 722a
    Local Organizations 722a
    Map of United States, Showing Gen. Conf. Districts, 722j
    Mission Fields 723
    Educational Institutions 725
    Publishing Houses 727
    Health Institutions 728
    Benevolent Institutions 729
    Workers’ Directory 730
    List of General Denominational Periodicals 739


    General Conference 740
    General Conference Association 741
    State Conference 743
    State Tract Society 744
    International Sabbath-school Association 745
    State Sabbath-school Association 745
    International Religious Liberty Association 746
    Rates of Postage 747

    THE thirty-second session of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists will be held at Lincoln, Nebr., Feb. 19 to March 8, 1897. It will be preceded by a Bible institute, beginning February 9.GCB July 1, 1896, page 750.1

    THE present number of the BULLETIN has been considerably delayed in order that our official directories might appear as full and complete as possible. We think that the patrons of the BULLETIN will not have occasion to complain, however, in consequence of the delay, if the directories shall prove reliable and complete, and especially since the delay has made possible the publication, in this issue, of full reports of the late council. This paper also contains the annual statistical reports of the various organizations of the denomination, and much other valuable matter.GCB July 1, 1896, page 750.2

    SUBSCRIBE at once for the GENERAL CONFERENCE BULLETIN for 1897-98; price, fifty cents. Extra copies of this issue have been printed, with the view of sending them to our members who have not been taking the paper, and assisting our friends in soliciting subscriptions for it. These will be furnished free on application. Address subscriptions, and make application for sample copies, to the International Tract Society, Battle Creek, Mich., or to any of the State tract societies.GCB July 1, 1896, page 750.3

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