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General Conference Bulletin, vol. 1

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    L. T. NICOLA



    Review of the Work, and Future Outlook 645
    Proceedings General Conference Committee 647
    Meetings of the General Conference Association 649
    Work of the Foreign Mission Board 653
    Australasian Union Conference 654
    Constitution and By-laws of the Australasian Union Conference 656
    General Organizations 658
    General Conference Districts 659
    Local Organizations 659
    Mission Fields 669
    Educational Institutions 671
    Publishing Houses 673
    Health Institutions 674
    Benevolent Institutions 674
    Workers’ Directory 675
    Summary of Conference Officers 683
    Financial Standing of the Imprimerie Polyglotte 684

    IN harmony with the request of the Foreign Mission Board, it is expected that two families will go from the Battle Creek church as self-supporting missionaries to the islands of the South Pacific. In the islands they will engage in some occupation whereby to gain a livelihood, at the same time laboring for the natives as Providence may open the way. The church will stand behind these laborers, and assist them if necessary. But what help the church may render will not be taken from the regular missionary funds, but will be raised in addition to regular offerings. It is proposed to denominate the fund thus created, a Self-denial Fund, and it is expected that money contributed to the same, will be that saved by the denial of self in the surrender of luxuries, and economy in the use of necessities in dress and living. F. M. W.GCB January 1, 1896, page 686.1

    UNMINDFUL of the lessons of history, the people everywhere seem to be clamoring for statutes and enactments which they deem necessary to the advancement of the cause of Christianity. To an unusual degree of late have our legislatures and Congress been importuned to pass Sunday laws, and to favor amendments to our national Constitution, putting it on a so-called Christian basis. And strange it is, that many who know what the present trend of events indicates, seem not to be greatly concerned at the attitude affairs are beginning to assume. Fatal is the failure to appreciate the blessings of religious liberty. The lack here is far-reaching, and fully accounts for the lethargy generally manifested. Vinewell says: “The respect of a man, or of a people for religious liberty, is the exact measure of their love for liberty in general; whoever does not love religious liberty, does not really love any liberty.”GCB January 1, 1896, page 686.2

    THE General Conference Committee have selected May 16 and 17 for a special season of fasting and prayer, in behalf of a more earnest, energetic, and adequate support of our work throughout the world. The careful attention of our readers is asked to the mention of the matter in this number, in the report of the proceedings of General Conference Committee. Further particulars will be given in the Review and Herald.GCB January 1, 1896, page 686.3

    GOSPEL PRIMER. 300,000 Copies Already Sold.GCB January 1, 1896, page 686.4

    The reception which this work has met in the past is a sufficient guarantee as to its merit. We call attention to the new and improved edition; 32 pages have been added, and the work has been beautified by new illustrations. ItGCB January 1, 1896, page 686.5

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