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General Conference Bulletin, vol. 1

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    THE second meeting of the eighteenth annual session of the Educational Society convened in the Tabernacle, Wednesday, February 27, at 3 P.M.GCB February 28, 1895, page 401.2

    After devotional exercises, the number of stock-holders present was ascertained, and the report of the previous meeting read by the Educational Secretary, and remained without change.GCB February 28, 1895, page 401.3

    Prof. G. W. Caviness, the secretary of the Committee on Resolutions, gave the report of that Committee, as follows:—GCB February 28, 1895, page 401.4

    We recognize the hand of the Lord in his leadings and providences in the educational work, and express our gratitude to him for the same. And it is our earnest desire that the work done in Battle Creek College shall be of the highest standard, that upon which the blessing of our Heavenly Father shall continually rest. And we submit the following recommendation:—GCB February 28, 1895, page 401.5

    First, That a systematic effort be made in the district during the summer vacation, to interest our young people in education, and secure their attendance at the College.GCB February 28, 1895, page 401.6

    Second, That steps be taken to provide manual labor for the students, so that worthy young men and women may have opportunity to pay a part of their expenses while attending school, and at the same time, strengthen the patronage of our Homes.GCB February 28, 1895, page 401.7

    Third, That the conferences in the district make earnest efforts to raise the amount apportioned for the Annex to Battle Creek College.GCB February 28, 1895, page 401.8

    Fourth, That the buildings be lighted by electricity, and that better provision be made for the Sloyd department.GCB February 28, 1895, page 401.9


    A motion to consider and adopt was made and seconded, and the resolutions were taken up.GCB February 28, 1895, page 401.10

    Upon the first resolution, Prof. Caviness urged the fact that at least one in ten of our people should be in school.GCB February 28, 1895, page 401.11

    Prof. Griggs spoke upon the same resolution, and expressed regret that the school work is so little known by many of our people, and felt that this resolution should be carried out by the laborers in the field. This resolution was adopted.GCB February 28, 1895, page 401.12

    Resolution 2 was spoken to by Prof. Caviness, and adopted without dissent.GCB February 28, 1895, page 401.13

    Resolution 3 was carried without discussion.GCB February 28, 1895, page 401.14

    Prof. Caviness pointed out the danger to which the buildings were exposed by having so many kerosene lamps in use. Prof. Prescott spoke from personal experience of the danger mentioned, and yet stated that although the buildings had from various causes taken fire, on no occasion had kerosene oil been the cause. The Board had frequently had the matter under advisement, but hesitated to incur the additional indebtedness. A. R. Henry being called for, stated that Union College had lately been supplied with an electric system. Their fire protection was not nearly as good as that of Battle Creek College, and the means to do the work had been largely supplied by special donation. He thought by arranging with the Sanitarium for power, the plant could be put in for $2000.GCB February 28, 1895, page 401.15

    W. W. Prescott moved that the resolution be so amended as to read:—GCB February 28, 1895, page 401.16

    Resolved, That we recommend that the College buildings be lighted by electricity as soon as donations for that special purpose can be secured.GCB February 28, 1895, page 401.17

    The amendment was accepted.GCB February 28, 1895, page 401.18

    The resolutions were then adopted.GCB February 28, 1895, page 401.19

    The report of the Committee on Nominations being called for, the following was submitted by the chairman, C. H. Jones:—GCB February 28, 1895, page 401.20

    For the Board of Directors - U. Smith, A. R. Henry, G. C. Tenney, J. H. Kellogg, J. H. Morrison, W. C. Sisley, F. D. Starr.GCB February 28, 1895, page 401.21

    S. H. Lane moved and O. A. Johnson seconded that the Secretary be instructed to cast the ballots for the persons named by the Committee. Carried by unanimous vote, and the nominees were declared elected.GCB February 28, 1895, page 401.22

    The meeting adjourned without day.GCB February 28, 1895, page 401.23

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