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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith

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    Passing the Gate

    Lines on leaving the house of a dear friend where I had pleasantly spent several weeks.PSAS 18.2

    Down deep in the heart is a fountain of tears,
    Though seldom it flows to the eye;
    ‘Tis not that I have not true interest and love,
    That I say not the sad words, Good bye.
    PSAS 18.3

    The gate must be opened, and opened for me,
    For me to go out of the place,
    Where I have enjoyed the best bounties of earth,
    Where in love face has answered to face.
    PSAS 18.4

    As I passed through the gate, language fails to express
    My deep-felt emotions of heart;
    ‘Twas leaving a home where was freedom and rest;
    And who else can such favors impart?
    PSAS 18.5

    Not that I was homeless; another dear place
    Was all ready and waiting me, where
    Again I should mingle with children and friends;
    But oh! there’s life’s burden and care.
    PSAS 18.6

    ‘Tis not that I’d shun them, and useless remain,
    That I felt thus while passing the gate;
    But feelings which beckon to higher results,
    Thoughts I may not attempt to relate.
    PSAS 18.7

    When fortune’s wheel turns, will the gate opened be,
    Be opened for me to come through?
    Shall I find the same friends and the dear quiet room,
    And my former engagements pursue?
    PSAS 19.1

    To Him who controls all the myriad worlds,
    With Him would I leave each event;
    I would move in his order, and walk in his light,
    And know that my time is well spent.
    PSAS 19.2

    Then whether I ever that gate pass, or not,
    Those loved ones again ever see,
    The gates of the City will open for all
    Who its glories and beauties would see.
    PSAS 19.3

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