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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith

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    Return unto the Lord

    Have you again become
    To appetite a slave?
    You’ve boasted victory here,
    Why sink beneath the wave?
    PSAS 80.4

    You say, I have no hope,
    No strength within me lies,
    And sinking still, I fear
    I ne’er again shall rise.
    PSAS 80.5

    My efforts all have failed,
    To keep the victory gained.
    Where look for refuge now?
    Or hope to be sustained?
    PSAS 81.1

    A helpless sufferer, true,
    On confines of despair,
    While knowing there’s no hope,
    If you continue there.
    PSAS 81.2

    Debased and losing still
    Life’s elevating powers,
    A worse than blank you feel
    In this grand world of ours.
    PSAS 81.3

    A world God loved so well,
    He sent his only Son,
    That we through him might find
    On earth a Heaven begun.
    PSAS 81.4

    A world to which he sends
    Rich blessings from above,
    And daily here renews
    His covenant of love.
    PSAS 81.5

    Be moved, despairing one;
    Be helped again to live;
    God pities, and will yet
    A greater victory give.
    PSAS 81.6

    He’s waiting your return,
    With pardon in his hand;
    In his strength you can rise,
    And in him we can stand.
    PSAS 81.7

    Yes; stand amidst the scenes
    Of peril, war and strife,
    While Jesus is our guide
    To everlasting life.
    PSAS 81.8

    Come while he waits to save.
    Your case will hopeless be
    Except you come where God
    In Christ can make you free.
    PSAS 82.1

    Come and he’ll save you here
    From sin’s destructive power,
    And be your all, when comes
    The great decisive hour.
    PSAS 82.2

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