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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith

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    The Latter Rain

    We may look for a Pentecost season to dawn
    When the saints through the purifying process have gone;
    When Jesus’ loved image in them we can trace,
    Reflecting the glory of full sovereign grace.
    PSAS 74.6

    Who then will not wish when this gory they see
    To join in the song, Hallelujah, we’re free!
    Yea, free in the Lord, while our voices we raise
    In victory’s songs and hosannas of praise.
    PSAS 74.7

    The true melting Spirit is felt from the Lord,
    And light and instruction shine out from his word.
    God’s power is made known and his glory displayed.
    While scoffers will feel that they need Heaven’s aid.
    PSAS 75.1

    Who here long can stand with his sins unconfessed?
    May all be searched out, and God’s people be blessed.
    Confess ye your faults, and thus honor your King,
    And into his store-house your offerings bring.
    PSAS 75.2

    ‘Tis a cross-bearing way by which Heaven is obtained;
    In humility’s vale is the victory gained.
    True love there prevails; and our sins are forgiven,
    While union and strength mark the pilgrims for Heaven.
    PSAS 75.3

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