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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith

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    Ode. Written for the anniversary exercises of the Golden Branch Society of Phillips’ Exeter Academy, June, 1850

    Borne on in the swift course of time,
    The house again is here,
    Which calls from us a sad adieu,
    And swells the parting tear.
    We’d fain the golden hours prolong,
    Which have so quickly past;
    We’d fain delay the farewell song,
    And bid our union last.
    PSAS 136.3

    But tho’ we grieve that some so soon
    Must leave our social band,
    We would not have you linger here,
    ‘Gainst duty’s high demand.
    But, rather, we would bid you forth
    Into the field of life,
    To battle for immortal names,
    Like heroes in the strife.
    PSAS 137.1

    Advance, then, in the grand career,
    So nobly here begun;
    Aim to accomplish life’s great end,
    Until life’s course is run.
    May fortunate smile upon your path,
    And all your efforts bless;
    And may her arm be ever near
    To crown you with success.
    PSAS 137.2

    And, as you tread your onward course,
    May virtue guide your way;
    And wreath of fame adorn your brow,
    Which ne’er shall fade away,
    “Excelsior” will lead you on
    To posts of honor high,
    And call to mind our “holy bond,”
    Of “Friendship’s Sacred Tie.”
    PSAS 137.3

    And may you prove, while on you press
    With banner wide unfurled,
    An honor to your native land,
    A blessing to the world.
    And when at last, life’s work is done,
    This recompense you’ll have,
    The true and lasting fame that waits
    The Great, the Good, the Brave.
    PSAS 137.4

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