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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith

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    Trust Not, Love Not

    When the world is fair, entwining
    Many a garland for thy brow,
    When around thee wealth is shining,
    Friendship’s hand is near thee now.
    But when clouds and storms shall gather
    Round thy pathway rough and drear,
    Few will cling as fond as ever,
    Few will prove to thee sincere.
    PSAS 127.1

    Oh! if thou canst find the treasure,
    Close the precious jewel bind;
    Choicest blessing without measure,
    Guardian angel-rare to find.
    Speak or act, oh! coldly never,
    Kindred spirits keenest feel;
    Silver links the blow may sever;
    Time the wound may never heal.
    PSAS 127.2

    Friendship’s ties too oft are riven,
    By the slightest word or deed;
    Oh! trust not love’s tokens given,
    Lest thy heart with anguish bleed.
    Trust not-hopes we fondly cherish,
    Crushed and wounded leave the heart.
    Love not-love’s bright flowers perish,
    Bloom to wither, then depart.
    PSAS 127.3

    Love’s sweet strains, like music flowing,
    Drink not deep their melting tone.
    Eyes that now so gently glowing,
    Beam so fondly in thine own-
    Ah! their light-it may deceive thee;
    Flattering smiles, oh, heed them not,
    For their coldness soon may grieve thee,
    Soon thou mayest be forgot.
    PSAS 127.4

    Lavish not youth’s tender feeling-
    Warm, confiding-keep it true,
    Ere dark shadows o’er thee stealing,
    Bitter tears thy cheek bedew.
    Trust not-change may, ere the morrow,
    Rob thy cheek of beauty’s bloom;
    Love not, it may bring the sorrow,
    Haste thee to an early tomb.
    PSAS 128.1

    Solemn vows are lightly spoken,
    Joys and pleasures fade and die;
    Fondest, truest hearts are broken,
    Golden dreams like phantoms fly.
    Trust not—vows are falsely plighted—
    Lest thy rashness given thee plain;
    Love not-“for its flowers once blighted,
    They may never bloom again.”
    PSAS 128.2

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