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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith

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    The Enemy’s Power

    Revelation 12:12.PSAS 41.3

    As Satan has in wrath come down,
    To bring us ‘neath our Maker’s frown,
    We must resist his course.
    He’ll bring beneath his dread control
    The doubting, disobedient soul,
    By his satanic force.
    PSAS 41.4

    Where least expected his attack,
    To lead us to perdition back,
    And claim us as his own.
    Alarming are his wily arts,
    Most fearful, too, his fiery darts,
    When undiscovered thrown.
    PSAS 41.5

    Armed and equipped we must be sure,
    His fierce temptations to endure,
    His fatal snares to meet.
    ‘Tis easy going with the tide;
    In Jesus Christ we must abide,
    And be in him complete.
    PSAS 41.6

    There’s no true consolation here,
    But to be holy in our sphere,
    From condemnation free.
    When all our foes within are slain,
    The tempter then comes but in vain,
    With Heaven he’ll ne’er agree.
    PSAS 42.1

    The humble, merciful and just,
    In God who wholly put their trust,
    Shall find protection sure.
    Their fortress, shield and firm defense,
    Is naught less than Omnipotence,
    With strength given to endure.
    PSAS 42.2

    Those who in God securely stand,
    When thousands fall at their right hand,
    No plague will them come nigh;
    They’re safe ‘neath Heaven’s sheltering wings,
    ‘Mid crash of worlds, all earthly things,
    Which will in ruin lie.
    PSAS 42.3

    Thus guarded here, when all is o’er,
    They’ll be with those who die no more,
    Forever safe in Heaven,
    Where all is union, peace and love,
    Made welcome to the courts above,
    Where life eternal’s given.
    PSAS 42.4

    But we are here on dangerous ground;
    Some will be weighed and wanting found,
    Will from the truth depart,
    Will false, delusive spirits heed,
    And pride and arrogance will feed,
    And harden still the heart.
    PSAS 42.5

    When self, that mighty foe, prevails
    To conquer, every effort fails;
    Self will be gratified,
    PSAS 42.6

    E’en at the expense of present peace,
    Till conscience’ warning voice will cease,
    And self feel justified.
    PSAS 43.1

    And some, in view of being lost,
    Will self indulge, whate’er the cost,
    Nor think to be forgiven.
    Their dearest idol bears such sway,
    So loved, their practice does but say,
    If one must go, ‘tis Heaven.
    PSAS 43.2

    A course deliberate thus pursued,
    Instead of having self subdued,
    Eternal life they’ll lose.
    They’ll bear the burden of their guilt,
    For which the blood of Christ was spilt,
    And go the way they choose.
    PSAS 43.3

    Justice will utter, Let them go,
    They’ve proved their final overthrow-
    Their day of grace is past.
    May those who’re not yet given o’er,
    Repent, ere closed is mercy’s door,
    And thus be saved at last.
    PSAS 43.4

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