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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith

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    Overcoming Sin

    How fiercely does the conflict rage within,
    While striving to subdue some cherished sin;
    What shall be done? The idol is most dear,
    And often is the victim vanquished here.
    PSAS 38.5

    Though trivial it may seem, sin’s poisonous dart
    Will string the conscience and will wound the heart,
    Destroy the peace and condemnation bring,
    And drive us from the shelter of His wing.
    PSAS 38.6

    In view of this, who dare a sin commit?
    Our cherished idols we must all submit;
    As one small leak the largest ship will sink,
    So one dear sin, will lead to ruin’s brink.
    PSAS 38.7

    While love for sin in any form remains,
    Though not committed, we are still in chains;
    Sins must be broken off by righteousness,
    And then will God deliver, own and bless.
    PSAS 39.1

    No condemnation then-all peace within,
    Untrammeled freedom from the love of sin;
    Oh! blessed freedom! Nought can then control
    The heavenward flight and rapture of the soul.
    PSAS 39.2

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