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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith

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    My Sheep Hear My Voice

    The voice of a stranger my sheep will not hear;
    I know them, they follow, my words reach their ear.
    I’ll lead them, direct them, they never need stray,
    I myself am the life, and the truth, and the way.
    PSAS 68.1

    Yea, Lord, this we know; but we lose sight of thee;
    Unguarded we’re snared ere our danger we see;
    So hidden the net, ‘tis in thy light alone
    That a spirit that’s not of thee clearly is known.
    PSAS 68.2

    O Lord search us out; our impurities heal;
    Thou, tempted, though sinless, knowest all that we feel;
    A way of escape for the humble thou’lt find,
    And help them the pure testimony to bind.
    PSAS 68.3

    How sweet and consoling the true Shepherd’s voice!
    His love I’ll acknowledge and in him rejoice;
    O Lord I believe, help my unbelief now,
    To trust all to thee and perform every vow.
    PSAS 68.4

    My strength is but weakness; be thou, Lord, my strength;
    Thy love may I know in its hight, depth and length;
    Reflecting thine image, thy will being mine,
    My darkness enlightened, the true light must shine.
    PSAS 68.5

    We then can do all things through Jesus our Lord,
    With the sword of the Spirit, his own written word;
    The foes that lurk inward being all put to flight,
    God truly goes with us our battles to fight.
    PSAS 68.6

    Each keeping the ranks, all united in one,
    Saying, Lord, as thou hast commanded, we’ve done;
    No weapon will prosper formed here to divide,
    And victory will turn upon Israel’s side.
    PSAS 68.7

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