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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith

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    Lines. On the death of my husband, Samuel Smith

    Gone is my husband, no more shall I see
    That kind look of love as he smiled upon me.
    I cherished and loved him; and who can tell
    My anguish while on his departure I dwell?
    Long I have been with him, in sickness and health,
    Shared in his losses, and enjoyed with him wealth;
    He lives in my memory, lives in my heart,
    His virtues are printed there, ne’er to depart.
    PSAS 36.3

    Fast were we joined by the tenderest ties,
    And lonely I mourn o’er the grave where he lies.
    I hear not his steps, but the lone place I see,
    Where oft his kind words have been spoken to me.
    I miss him while gather the shadows of night;
    I miss him when dawns the fair morning light.
    I miss him-but where are the words to express
    The depth of my grief in such loneliness.
    PSAS 36.4

    I smile when I’m sad, and seem joyful in grief;
    When alone bitter tears are my only relief;
    Bruised now is the heart by the blow that has come,
    PSAS 36.5

    Dark now the dear spot, once so bright as my home.
    Though wealth were my portion, and splendor surround.
    With him I’d be blest, though earth’s treasures were few,
    And trouble should prove my affection more true.
    PSAS 37.1

    Oft I imagine each member is here,
    Those pledges of love and affection so dear,
    I view the loved circle, but ah! there’s a space-
    ‘Tis vacant, and nought can to me fill the place.
    But those left behind, his dear image reveal,
    Who only affection and sympathy feel;
    Their kindness I know, the returns of their love,
    And ask for them blessings that come from above.
    PSAS 37.2

    But he’s gone to the grave, where, free from all care,
    He knows not the grief which for him I now bear.
    There rest till our Saviour shall bid thee arise;
    Then may we immortal ascend to the skies.
    With this hope I can triumph o’er earth’s deepest gloom,
    The dearest and loveliest can yield to the tomb;
    When vowed in submission, my Saviour appears,
    Bids me trust in his word, and refrain from my tears.
    PSAS 37.3

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