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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith

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    My cause is with my blessed Lord, he does my footsteps guide;
    He’s led me in an unknown way, and laid my plans aside;
    He’s hedged up all my well-laid schemes, or what seemed so to me,
    And oh! what wisdom I behold, now his designs I see.
    PSAS 46.3

    I’ll glory in his holy name, and pray, Lord guide me still;
    In each event submission learn, and sink into his will.
    His will is welcome, tho’ it lay each earthly prospect low;
    God is too wise to err, and will what’s best for us bestow.
    PSAS 46.4

    The Psalmist made his boast in God, and we may do the same;
    The word exhorts to cry aloud, and praise his holy name.
    Should those here hold their peace, whom God has his own Spirit given,
    Where could he look for honor due, and whom make meet for Heaven?
    PSAS 47.1

    Regardless of the world’s cold frown, we would march boldly on,
    Nor right nor left would turn, but go where our dear Saviour’s gone,
    There’s mansions there, and Jesus will prepare his saints a place,
    Where they will never cease to sing of his redeeming grace.
    PSAS 47.2

    Are we expecting to be there, and share each proffered bliss?
    The Father’s love is not in those who love a world like this.
    Then tarry not in all the plain; seek high and holy ground,
    Lest in the balance when we’re weighed, we should be wanting found.
    PSAS 47.3

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