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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith

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    Sustaining Grace

    Homeless was my blessed Saviour,
    Patient, too, mid all his grief;
    Why be downcast, and, desponding,
    When he’ll freely give relief?
    PSAS 43.5

    Oh, ‘tis not that I am homeless,
    Nor that I am suffering pain;
    But my Saviour seems hid from me,
    And my hope does not sustain.
    PSAS 43.6

    I would daily have the witness,
    That my dear Redeemer lives;
    That he’s interceding for me,
    And my every blessing gives.
    PSAS 44.1

    Live then for this blest approval,
    Not one sin allow a place;
    God commands us to be holy,
    While we run the Christian race.
    PSAS 44.2

    He is holy who hath called you;
    So be ye, in word and deed;
    To enjoy the Saviour’s presence,
    We must to our ways take heed.
    PSAS 44.3

    None can have this full salvation,
    While to one known sin a slave;
    Jesus came to free and pardon,
    And from sin his people save.
    PSAS 44.4

    Fearless then go forth to battle,
    Conquering sin through Christ the Lord;
    He’ll assist while we’re obedient
    To the teachings of his word.
    PSAS 44.5

    Glorious conquests have been witnessed;
    God for ever is the same;
    We may all be strong and mighty,
    Though his great and holy name.
    PSAS 44.6

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