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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith

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    Christian Love

    Jesus sees, he feels, he pities; he for us keen anguish knew,
    He was numbered with transgressors; harmless, but his friends were few.
    Those immersed in love’s deep ocean, nothing will or can offend;
    They will bow in sweet submission, knowing Heaven will them defend.
    PSAS 6.1

    Let us then our suffering brother seek where’er his lot is cast;
    Priests and Levites having seen him, on the other side have passed;
    But of God he’s not forsaken; He has known each bitter pang;
    He has seen his tears and sorrows, and has known from whence they sprang.
    PSAS 6.2

    Jesus sees when best to succor, every wrong will bring to light;
    He will have obedient children who in doing good delight,
    Who will move in love and pity, bleeding wounds to soothe and bind,
    Good Samaritans, who ever seek some path of love to find.
    PSAS 6.3

    Courage new is then imparted, chilling words no more oppress;
    Oh! for more true kindred spirits, who would make our sufferings less.
    Lord forgive thine erring people; form them for thy self alone;
    Then they’ll bear each other’s burdens, calling nought they have their own.
    PSAS 6.4

    Then each suffering child of sorrow would be watched with tender care,
    Love and pity for the erring would be felt and witnessed there.
    Strife and jealousy would vanish; love be felt that works no ill;
    Peace, sweet peace, and joy and gladness, would each home and bosom fill.
    PSAS 7.1

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