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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith

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    The Last Message of Mercy

    Angel of mercy art thou here
    And hovering o’er us now?
    Oh! may we all before our God,
    In adoration bow.
    PSAS 54.5

    To heed the message, or reject,
    The world will soon decide.
    While some in love receive the truth,
    More will its claims deride;
    PSAS 54.6

    Why will they slight the offered boon?
    Though we their lot deplore,
    They place themselves beyond the reach
    Of mercy’s lingering store.
    PSAS 54.7

    Too late! their dreadful doom now sealed,
    Too late! will be their cry;
    We might have lived, but now, alas!
    The second death must die.
    PSAS 55.1

    The Spirit and the bride say come,
    Let naught obstruct the way;
    But hasten God’s commands to keep,
    And all his will obey.
    PSAS 55.2

    Oh! be entreated while there’s hope,
    To heed the message given;
    That with the ransomed you may find
    A place of rest in Heaven.
    PSAS 55.3

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