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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith

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    The Coming Day

    The great day is near, when probation no more,
    For the careless backslider will longer remain;
    And the sinner will find when all mercy is o’er,
    What a treasure he’s lost which he might have attain’d.
    PSAS 58.4

    The saints will come forth in immortal array,
    Their triumph o’er death and the grave be complete,
    The living be changed, and together ascend,
    Their glorious Redeemer in Heaven to meet.
    PSAS 58.5

    With him forever, ‘tis said they will be,
    And the song of their victory never shall end.
    Forever with Christ in his glorious home,-
    Oh, who can such glory and bliss comprehend?
    PSAS 58.6

    And are we prepared for this glorious place?
    Are we able to stand when the Lord shall appear?
    Our victory o’er self must be full and entire,
    Or still for ourselves may we tremble and fear.
    PSAS 59.1

    God loves to redeem and to save us from sin;
    Let us haste to pursue the true path of reform;
    And the strength of Omnipotence then will be ours,
    We shall conquer the foe, we shall weather the storm.
    PSAS 59.2

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