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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith

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    Who is Without Fault?

    Is there one here, who, e’er thus far,
    Has blameless been preserved?
    Who never strayed, made one mistake,
    Or e’er from duty swerved?
    PSAS 51.3

    There may have been no outward act
    To cause one pang of grief;
    But has there been no secret fault,
    No sin of unbelief?
    PSAS 51.4

    Then judge not harshly; who can tell
    Thy brother’s suffering now,
    That he has failed in any point,
    To pay the Lord his vow?
    PSAS 51.5

    From secret faults, the Psalmist prayed,
    Dear Lord, oh! cleanse thou me,
    And from presumptuous sins keep back,
    Preserve and make me free.
    PSAS 51.6

    Left to himself, how great his fall!
    And he himself the guide.
    How humbled, mortified, subdued,
    His vanity and pride!
    PSAS 52.1

    We are left to sin, to punish sin,
    No consolation here;
    Reflection only swells the tide
    Of anguish sad and drear.
    PSAS 52.2

    Our falls oft cause a bitter grief,
    That no redemption knows;
    The deep, the painful, bleeding wound,
    Time here can never close.
    PSAS 52.3

    The die when cast, the ship when sunk,
    To light can never rise.
    Our good name lost-and all on board,
    Then goes in sad surprise.
    PSAS 52.4

    Oh! what a vacancy then made,
    An empty, aching void;
    Our peace of mind in silence crushed,
    And hope’s bright boon destroyed.
    PSAS 52.5

    But there is pardon with our God,
    For crimes of deepest dye;
    Be self and pride then humbled low,
    In dust and ashes lie.
    PSAS 52.6

    It should be there, and God will see
    Those whom he loves refined.
    He’ll keep them in the crucible
    Till they his statutes mind.
    PSAS 52.7

    He’ll watch the furnace and will see
    The gold sustains no loss.
    Oh! be the faithful process borne,
    And all consumed the dross.
    PSAS 52.8

    God must in us his image see,
    And we reflect the same.
    Oh! may we honor and adore,
    And glorify his name.
    PSAS 53.1

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