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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith

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    The Christian’s Confidence

    We know that help on one is laid
    Who has his life a ransom paid;
    We know his blood can cleanse from sin,
    And make us clean and pure within.
    PSAS 92.3

    We know the arm that’s strong to save,
    The power that rescues from the grave.
    We know that ne’er Jehovah’s ear
    Is deafened that he cannot hear.
    PSAS 92.4

    Taken in Satan’s artful snare,
    Who once had power with God in prayer,
    Their minds and hearts by sin enslaved-
    Can such go through? can such be saved?
    PSAS 92.5

    Though we may not their case decide,
    The faithful all will be supplied.
    They’ll see “the cloud of radiant light,“
    “The fount of glory” full and bright.
    PSAS 92.6

    They see the signs fulfilling fast;
    And soon earth’s conflict will be past:
    Nor do they shrink from being there;
    For they presume not nor despair.
    PSAS 92.7

    They know in whom they have believed;
    Their Saviour victory has achieved.
    Though heaven and earth to ruin go,
    His promise will no failure know.
    PSAS 93.1

    No cause for doubts or darkness here,
    For troubled mind or slavish fear.
    Trials and crosses we’ll receive,
    If some may turn to God and live.
    PSAS 93.2

    But those who will not heed the call,
    For God and Heaven to give up all,
    May well sink down in dark despair;
    For they will gain no entrance there.
    PSAS 93.3

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