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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith

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    Dying Words

    There was one who to me was most lovely and dear;
    I looked, and that loved one I saw disappear;
    My dear, only daughter, who in life’s early years,
    Has gone to the grave, and has left me in tears.
    PSAS 21.5

    The words of her parting, were, Jesus is mine;
    He’ll save, and I shall in his own likeness shine.
    To God be all glory; Heaven’s opened to me;
    I shall rise with the saints, and immortal shall be.
    PSAS 21.6

    My brothers, be wise and obey Heaven’s laws;
    Seek the Saviour to lease and to honor his cause;
    Rest not till you know all your sins are forgiven,
    Oh! fail not, my brothers, to meet me in Heaven.
    PSAS 21.7

    My mother, be ready to meet that day,
    Nor mourn that here with you no longer I stay.
    Prepare for the trouble that soon is to come-
    Who then will enjoy his own loved quiet home?
    PSAS 22.1

    I die in the Lord, from my labors to rest
    With the dead, of whom it is said, “They are blest.”
    For me bid farewell to the loved and the true,
    May we meet where is heard no mournful adieu.
    PSAS 22.2

    My mother, I’m dying, but Jesus is here;
    With him I have nothing of evil to fear.
    Thus peaceful she died, but still lingered the trace
    Of the image divine on her cold pallid face.
    PSAS 22.3

    In the lone, quiet tomb where she’s longed to repose,
    She rests from life’s cares, from its “burden of woes,”
    Beside her loved father, to memory dear-
    O’er the graves of these loved, I withhold not the tear.
    PSAS 22.4

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