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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith

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    Safety in the Lord

    There’s safety only in the Lord, whate’er our station be;
    We may be rich, we may be poor, may be on land or sea.
    Life’s changing fortune will be ours where’er our lot is cast;
    Unchanged in mind be ours to meet each change while it shall last.
    PSAS 82.3

    Dear friends are with us here to day with prospects fair to live;
    To-morrow to the dust, in tears, their dear remains we give.
    Now pain and suffering is our lot; now dawns a brighter day;
    But soon a cloud o’ercasts the sky and shuts the light away.
    PSAS 82.4

    An under current often works to sweep away our peace,
    Our reputation is at stake, our trials fast increase.
    PSAS 82.5

    Dear reputation, dearest far, of all we’ve called our own,
    Must be defaced; then be it so; to God all things are known,
    PSAS 83.1

    Be every circumstance combined, the elements to raise;
    By these be every trace removed of all our evil ways.
    When Jesus speaks it will be calm, the storm and wind subside;
    Oh! may it last till all is gone of selfishness and pride.
    PSAS 83.2

    All else but this we could endure; this then is what we need;
    Our very idol must be slain, and we from self be freed.
    Then are we fit for Heaven’s use, to help build up God’s cause,
    To boldly speak in his defense, and vindicate his laws.
    PSAS 83.3

    Oh! be it ours to live for God, his glory all our aim;
    He’ll work in power when we come to him in Jesus’ name.
    All that is wrong will he remove, and bring the truth to light;
    Oh! we can trust our all with him; his ways are just and right.
    PSAS 83.4

    We’ll go then where he leads the way, whatever man may say.
    The greatest saint is nought except the Lord direct his way.
    Angels can’t help but through their Lord; to his arm all is due;
    We’ll follow him, for surely he will lead us safely through.
    PSAS 83.5

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