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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith

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    Lines. To a mother whose son enlisted in the army

    For a mother to part, for the war, with a son,
    Whose kindness and love her affections have won,
    Cannot but excite deep emotions of grief,
    And in tears the torn bosom will seek for relief.
    PSAS 34.5

    Commend, in submission, this loved son to Heaven,
    And thank Him who gave, that to you he was given;
    That he leaves here a circle of associates dear,
    Who his memory and name will delight to revere.
    PSAS 34.6

    In the family circle his place will be missed,
    And some may regret that he felt to enlist,
    While others look forward, still hoping to see
    Him back in the choir, where his place used to be.
    PSAS 34.7

    If God has a work for him still here to do,
    His eye will be on him to bring him safe through.
    He will suffer no harm to befall him while there;
    As a man spares his own son, so God will him spare.
    PSAS 35.1

    But nought of the future to us is revealed;
    His destiny and ours is most wisely concealed;
    ‘Tis for us to submit, be our lot what it may,
    And all the requirements of Heaven obey.
    PSAS 35.2

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