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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith

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    Overcome and Live

    Confess your faults, and for each other pray;
    The slanderous tongue, oh! be it far away;
    That tameless thing which sets the world on fire,
    And rouses all the angry passion’s ire.
    PSAS 53.2

    Where this is god, our God can ne’er abide,
    Nor where there’s lightness, selfishness, or pride;
    His dwelling’s with the meek and low of heart,
    And for himself he’ll set all these apart.
    PSAS 53.3

    Who would not thus be honored of the Lord,
    And have from him a large and rich reward?
    Who would not be with saints and angels blest,
    And have in Heaven at last eternal rest?
    PSAS 53.4

    Live for it, then; all God’s commandments keep,
    Although the way be through afflictions deep.
    Cast all your cares on Him who cares for you,
    And he will lead and guide you safely through.
    PSAS 53.5

    And when you reach fair Canaan’s blissful shore,
    When sin and suffering are forever o’er,
    You’ll find the city glorious to behold,
    Christ is its light, its streets all paved with gold.
    PSAS 53.6

    You’ll by the King of kings be welcomed there,
    Where tuned to praise is every sigh and prayer.
    No blight to mar, no tear to dim the sight;
    And to the tree of life you’ll have a right.
    PSAS 53.7

    You’ll meet dear loved ones long since fallen asleep,
    All deathless raised from their lone caverns deep;
    Together there you’ll sing. We’re saved by grace,
    And brought by Jesus to this glorious place.
    PSAS 54.1

    No farewell parting, no sad word adieu,
    Your home forever in the earth made new.
    Oh! bliss which mortal tongue can ne’er express,
    To be with Jesus, robed in righteousness.
    PSAS 54.2

    Glory, and honor will to Him be given,
    Who’s purchased for us peace and rest in Heaven,
    Who bore our sins, and by whose stripes we’re healed.
    And to eternal life and glory sealed.
    PSAS 54.3

    With glory, hallelujah, Heaven will ring,
    In honor to the Lord our sovereign King.
    Each will his note the highest strive to raise,
    To give to Jesus, honor, glory, praise.
    PSAS 54.4

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