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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith

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    Divine Love

    Though knowledge here is power, yet ‘tis love subdues the heart,
    Subjects the will to Heaven, and will endless life impart.
    It conquers every passion; and the soul that feels its power
    Moves in a world of freedom, within its own loved bower.
    PSAS 85.2

    ‘Tis shielded, safely shielded; the interior nought can reach;
    No outward condemnation can this inward love impeach.
    No weapon formed can prosper; and it fears no outward foe:
    While all within is conquered, ‘tis a Heaven begun below.
    PSAS 85.3

    The world’s applause, its censure too, are both alike received;
    If undeserved, ‘tis heeded not, though all may be believed.
    It knows no good but that in God, it bears life’s every ill,
    And moves undauntedly along, in Heaven’s own blessed will.
    PSAS 85.4

    Though outwardly you see conveyed “a libel in a frown.”
    You’ll stand unmoved, though they may “wink your reputation down;”
    Your deeds of charity assailed, your motives questioned too-
    Reviled, you’ll not revile again, nor fear what man can do.
    PSAS 86.1

    Oh! for the gold tried in the fire-our eyes anointed here-
    White raiment that we may be clothed, and not in shame appear.
    We then should move in harmony; our God would own and bless;
    We then should see his works abound in love and righteousness.
    PSAS 86.2

    The day is near, it hasteth on, when saints will all unite;
    When every sin will be confessed, and every wrong made right;
    When we shall see as we are seen, and know as we are known,
    And sit with Jesus, as he sits upon his Father’s throne.
    PSAS 86.3

    Oh! glory, hallelujah to our high, exalted King;
    We’ll praise him here, we’ll praise him there, and make Heaven’s arches ring.
    Who then can sacrifice too much, too much for him endure?
    So may we purify ourselves, as Christ our Lord is pure.
    PSAS 86.4

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