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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith

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    Love Not the World

    Love not the world, trust not its joys; uncertain is their stay;
    Its treasures I’ve so highly prized, on wings have flown away.
    Its riches I would not recall, their loss would not deplore;
    Content I’ll be if but my Lord salvation’s joys restore.
    PSAS 7.2

    Nature inclines us all to seek, a rich and grand career;
    Undue attachment will but make our losses more severe.
    Hardly we know how much we love our friends and things below,
    Till called to see them one by one from our possession go.
    PSAS 7.3

    How often then the stricken heart deplores no comfort left,
    Forgetting we have blessings still, of which we’re not bereft.
    Let houses, lands and splendor go, surroundings all upset,
    If home is where we’ve friends to love, and friends to love us yet.
    PSAS 7.4

    With such a home, no matter where, how unadorned the place,
    If but my Lord’s, he’ll visit there, and with his presence grace.
    Thus consecrated to the Lord, his glory will be there.
    How blest the place where oft is heard the voice of praise and prayer.
    PSAS 8.1

    Be I but meet for such a place, where angels camp around,
    Where truth and duty are proclaimed, and works of love abound.
    The poor and friendless there resort and find their wants supplied,
    No lack whose trust is in the Lord; for such he will provide.
    PSAS 8.2

    There all of every name and race, in need of friendly aid,
    Find equal welcome to the board where no distinction’s made
    Thus treasures are laid up above, where endless life is given;
    They who are rich in works of love, may hope for rest in Heaven.
    PSAS 8.3

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