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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith

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    The Health Institute

    God knows our needs, he overrules, and calls this work his own;
    We’re agents to perform his will, as he shall make it known.
    Thus has an Institute been built; in this his hand we see;
    Where health reform is lived and taught, in strictest harmony.
    PSAS 84.1

    We look, admire, in joy exclaim, Come see what God hath wrought!
    Here invalids are raised to health, and truth and duty taught.
    Perverted tastes are overcome; the way to live we learn;
    And all who will its rules obey, a rich experience earn.
    PSAS 84.2

    The light and truth are carried forth by those who leave the place,
    Showing what ground may yet be gained by our degenerate race.
    How blest! for those who overcome their every sin and wrong,
    Can love the right, and walk in ways that life and health prolong.
    PSAS 84.3

    None can appreciate its worth, but those who test its powers;
    This grand reform! how great and good! Its blessings shall be ours.
    Pure nature’s fruits no art require to gratify the taste,
    And those who stop at her demands, nor time nor substance waste.
    PSAS 84.4

    Who will escape the many ills increasing on the land?
    The cleansed and purified alone, diseases can withstand.
    Haste, then, the cleansing process here, God’s precepts all obey,
    And be prepared to stand when comes the great and dreadful day.
    PSAS 85.1

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