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Poems: With a Sketch of the Life and Experience of Annie R. Smith

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    Appeal to the Sinner

    Though earth delights and charms us here, its treasures are but naught;
    In wisdom’s light ‘tis clearly seen how dear its love is bought,
    The price though now not realized, must soon be strictly paid.
    For this the soul must perish soon, in hopeless ruin laid.
    PSAS 87.1

    The second death must be endured in anguish and despair;
    While you will see the righteous saved, no friend can reach you there.
    Oh! loss beyond all losses! Then what profit here to gain
    This fleeting world, and call at last for endless life, in vain!
    PSAS 87.2

    The blood of Jesus set at naught-rejected every call-
    The Spirit will be forced to yield, and let God’s vengeance fall.
    The wrath of God e’en now impends; and soon you’ll feel its weight.
    Oh! flee for refuge while there’s hope; full soon ‘twill be too late.
    PSAS 87.3

    A moment more the Saviour waits; for you his blood he pleads,
    My blood! my Father, oh, my blood! forgive the sinner’s deeds!
    But if you still refuge to bow, and be by him forgiven,
    You must be banished from the Lord, and find no place in Heaven.
    PSAS 87.4

    To free from sin and second death, the Saviour’s blood has cost-
    What weeping and what wailing when you see what you have lost.
    God’s justice will be manifest in your destruction sure;
    And hopeless agony will be your portion to endure.
    PSAS 88.1

    Once more in prayer I prostrate fall, once more I’ll plead your case;
    Have mercy, Lord, and here bestow unmerited free grace.
    He’s knocking now! he’s wet with dew! Oh! let the Saviour in;
    He’ll sup with you, and you with him; he’ll cleanse you from all sin.
    PSAS 88.2

    He’ll shelter from the coming storm; no plague shall e’er come nigh;
    He’ll hide from God’s avenging wrath, and you shall never die.
    Life’s water pure is here: come, drink! ‘tis freely offered still;
    The Spirit and the Bride say, Come! Come, whosoever will.
    PSAS 88.3

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